Importing Subscribers

To import your list, click Subscribers. Now you can either add the subscribers to an already created group by clicking the green icon. Or, while inside a group, just click "Add new subscribers". In both cases it will bring you to the same screen.

Here you have three choices. First, you can upload a text file with your data, If you have names and last names, they should be separated by a comma. If you upload a CSV file, any additional data should be separated by a tab.

Another option is to manually input your desired subscribers in the “Add single subscriber” tab. Here you can add an email and name, and if you need more data, just press the “show more fields” link.

The last and my personal favorite method is to just copy and paste the data from an excel file. And actually this will also work with Google Sheets. So let’s say I have a list of 900 names in a Google Sheet. I just have to copy the columns – here’s the email, first name, and last name. Then I just go ahead and paste it in the “copy/paste” field in MailerLite. Here you see I actually pasted 1000. This is because my sheets file had more than 900 rows. But this is okay, because MailerLite will automatically ignore these empty rows. And if you scroll up, you’ll actually see the list of emails.

Now just press "Import subscribers" and give it a couple of seconds to upload. After that, you should see a small preview of the specific columns. Here is the email. Let’s make this the name, and this the last name. If you don’t want to upload data from a specific column, just leave it as “Skip this column”. When you’re done just click “Finish adding subscribers".

After importing the subscribers, you’ll see how many have been added to a specific group, and how many there are now altogether in the group. You’ll also see the subscribers that have been updated. I already had these 899 subscribers in another group, but this time I also uploaded a name column, so the names have also been added to the same subscribers in any other group they are in. If for some reason a subscriber is not added to the group, you’ll see him or her here. This usually happens if there is a formatting problem in the email, and you can usually fix this by editing the email that has the problem here, then click "Save".

And there you go. Now you can go back to your subscriber group and see all the emails in the group here.