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Importing subscribers

To import your list, click Subscribers. Now you can either add the subscribers to an already created group by clicking the green icon. Or, when you're already inside a group, click Add new subscribers. In both cases, it will bring you to the same screen.

There are 3 methods to import subscribers:

  1. Upload a TEXT file with your data, If you have names and last names, they should be separated by a comma. If you upload a CSV file, any additional data should be separated by a tab.

  2. Manually input a subscriber in the Add single subscriber tab. Here you can add an email and name. If you need want to add more data, press the Show more fields link.

  3. Copy and paste the data from an Excel file. This also works with Google Sheets. Copy the columns and paste it in the Copy/paste field in MailerLite. Our system will automatically ignore empty rows if you accidentally copied those.

Afterward, press Import subscribers. Then you should see a small preview of the specific columns. You can assign data fields for columns too.

If you don’t want to upload data from a specific column, leave it on Skip this column. When you’re done, click Finish adding subscribers.

After importing subscribers, you’ll see exactly how many have been added to a specific group, how many there are in total and which subscribers have been updated.

In this video, the uploaded 899 subscribers already existed in another group. This time I also uploaded a name column, so now the names have been added too (this update counts for all the groups they subscribers are in).

You can also see what subscribers haven't been added. This usually happens when there is a formatting problem in the email, and you can fix this by editing the email and then save the subscriber again.

For further information, take a look at our Help article on how to import subscribers

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