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How to use subscriber groups (tags)

What are subscriber groups? How can you best use them? Watch this video to learn how to make full use of subscriber groups and tags.

Groups are the main way to organize your subscribers. You can use them in forms, regular campaigns and automations. To get started, go to Subscribers and click on the tab Groups. These groups are tags or labels for certain subscribers. You can have the same subscribers in different groups. In case you send an email campaign to several groups, we’ll automatically make sure your subscriber only receives the email one time.

To create a new group, click Create new group. Add a name and press Create. Using Control + F lets you easily find subscriber groups. After you’ve created your new group, you can import subscribers in 4 different ways:

  1. Import from a CSV of TXT file

  2. Copy/paste from Excel

  3. Add single subscriber

  4. Import from MailChimp

While importing, you can choose to add the subscriber(s) to an existing or new group(s).

The same thing goes for forms. Click Forms in the toolbar above and create a new form. After giving it a name, you can select the subscriber group. This way, each new subscriber that signs up via that particular form will automatically be tagged with the group(s) you’ve checked.

When creating a new campaign, you can use the subscriber groups in the Recipients view.

Lastly, you can use subscriber groups in automation workflows. One of the most used triggers is When a subscriber joins a group. You then choose the group and save the trigger. From there onwards, you can build your entire automation. Watch this video to find out how to build workflows.

For in depth information on using subscriber groups, check out this article on how to create and use groups.

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