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Subscriber management overview

In this video, you'll learn how to manage your subscribers and sort them in segments and groups.

Navigate to Subscribers in the top menu. Our filter system allows you to find the exact subscribers you are looking for, using the drop-down menu.

Search or filter your subscribers by:

  • Groups

  • Fields

  • Segments

  • Signup source

  • Signup date

  • Time zone

  • Campaigns

  • Automation workflows

  • Time Inactive

  • Stats

At the top of the table, select All to highlight your entire list. Then click Actions.

This button will allow you to:

  • Add them to a group

  • Remove them from a group

  • Unsubscribe them

  • Delete their accounts from your list

If you delete them, you will still be able to find their account in the search bar, however, they will not be added to any group, nor will they be used in your system.

If you would like to delete a subscriber from your list completely, click on the specific subscriber, use the Action button, and click Forget. This is the same function which you would use for GDPR, if someone wishes to exercise their right to be forgotten.

In the subscriber list, you can toggle the columns to show more details about your subscribers, such as their country, name or number of emails sent to them.

When viewing your filters, you can add another set of conditions. This is a dynamic filter, and this can be saved as a segment. A segment is a filter that is saved. You can click Save segment, rename it, and then either Create or Cancel.

Above the filter, you can decide whether to show:

  • Active subscribers

  • Subscribers who bounced

  • Unconfirmed

  • Unsubscribed

  • Spam complaints.

If new subscribers have been added whilst creating a segment, you can click Refresh above the subscriber list, to make sure the filters are all cleared.

To view all of your segments, select the Segments tab. Don’t worry - if you delete a segment you will not delete the subscribers within that segment. They will still be in their specific groups.

Next to each segment, click View to rename it. You can also sort by subscribers, open rates and click rates.

In the Groups tab, you can create a new group, or select an existing group, and click on Add subscribers.

In the Fields tab, you can set, delete or rename your custom fields. You can add a new custom field by selecting Add new field for subscribers’ birthdays, for example.

In the Stats tab, you can see stats from all of your subscribers, or you can select a specific group using the filter.

In the Clean up inactive tab, you can unsubscribe people who have not been active for the last 6 months. To do this, you simply click Unsubscribe.

For more information, check out our Help article on subscriber management.

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