Subscriber Management Overview

To add subscribers to a new group, navigate to "Subscribers" in the top menu. Our powerful filter system allows you to find the exact subscribers you are looking for. Search or filter your subscribers by: Groups, Fields, Segments, Signup source, Signup date, Time zone, Campaigns, Automation workflows, Time Inactive and Stats.

Let's go with sign up date for this presentation. Choose "Is in the last" and "30 days". In this case, we have 43 subscribers that signed up in the last 30 days. You can now select all subscribers. Add or remove them from the group. Move them to unsubscribed or delete them.

You can also save a segment and give it a name. This segment will constantly and automatically update itself. It will have all the subscribers that signed up for your mailing list in the last 30 days. You can see the list of segments you create by clicking “Segments”. Click “Add” or “View” your segment. Also don't forget to rename or delete a segment. Note: deleting the segment does not delete the subscribers. It just removes them from a segment itself.

Group subscribers by clicking on the “Group” tab. It works exactly like tags. To add subscribers to a particular group, click on the group itself and click “Add subscribers”.

To view the current data fields, click on the “Fields” tab. You can also check the current stats for your subscribers by clicking the "Stats" tab. Stats can be filtered by specific group. This is just a quick overview. For a deeper look at each of these features, please take a look at our other subscriber management videos.