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Trigger by link click in automations

Link triggers are a great way to automatically start a workflow and segment subscribers.

What does this mean? Let’s say you’re a pet store but you don’t know what pet your readers have. You can send a newsletter that promotes food for all types of pets. If you add link triggers to each category, you can easily discover what pet the reader owns. Does the reader click on dog food? Then they’ll automatically get tagged as a Dog owner and you can trigger a workflow with email campaigns specifically about dogs.

To start triggering a workflow based on a link your subscribers clicked, you need to do a few things. Go to Automation and click Create a new workflow. Give it a name and choose the trigger When your subscriber clicks a link. Now add the link below. Your link can also include Google UTM tags. By clicking the checkbox underneath, you can decide whether you want your subscribers to receive the workflow every single time they click that particular link. If you leave it unchecked, they will only receive it once.

Now you can start building your workflow. To keep it simple, you can start by sending 1 email to anyone who clicks the link. To do this, click on the plus sign and choose Email. Then give the email a name, add the sender information and click Design email. In the editor you can build an email from scratch, choose a template, or use one of your recent emails. Press Done editing when your email looks good.

Any subscriber who now clicks the link will immediately receive your newsletter. Of course, first after you’ve activated the workflow.

To trigger the workflow, use the link in any of your newsletters. The link trigger feature is not only perfect to trigger automated email sending, but also to enable your subscribers to self-segment. For example, you can write in your newsletter: If you're interested in this category, click this link. Now anyone who clicks the link is grouped into that category. This information can be used to send more targeted newsletters in the future.

To learn more, check out this article on how to set up automation triggers.

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