Trigger by Link Click

To start triggering a whole workflow based on a link your subscribers clicked, you need to do a few things. Go to Automation and click "Create a new workflow". Give it a name and choose the trigger "When your subscriber clicks a link". Type in your link below. You can also add Google UTM tags if needed in the link field. At the very end you can choose whether you want your workflow to reactivate after the same person clicks the link in the future.

Now you can build out a whole workflow or keep it simple and send out an email to anyone who clicks your link. To do this, click on the email, give it a name and click "Design Email". Here you can build an email from scratch, choose a template, or use one of your recent emails. Press "Done Editing" and there you go. Any subscriber who clicks this link will immediately receive this newsletter. You can now use this link in any of the other newsletters as well.

You can use this feature to enable your subscribers to self-segment as well. For example, you can write in your newsletter: “If you're interested in getting notifications, click this link.” Anyone who clicks the link will be sent to a specific segment. This method can be used to launch entire email automations.