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Managing workflow activity

Managing your workflow from your dashboard

To manage the workflow that your subscribers are on, click on theAutomationtab at the top of the page.

Click Edit next to the page that you would like to manage.

Understanding how having your workflow ON and OFF works

In the box on the right, make sure that the workflow button is switched on.

  • If the workflow toggle is switched off for 3 days, for example, then any subscribers who were in a queue for 3 days will be cancelled, as the time has already passed.

  • This ensures that you have more control, so that subscribers don’t receive things they shouldn’t by mistake. You can decide later how you want to incorporate them back into the workflow.

Workflow conditions and delay

When looking at the diagram on the left, you can see:

  • The workflow, including wait times and scheduled emails

  • How many subscribers are in the queue for a scheduled email

At the end of the workflow, you may see two conditions. Subscribers can either be moved to ‘engaged’, or ‘not interested’. This is based on whether they opened a certain number of emails during the workflow.

To change a condition or a delay, click on the element in the diagram, and the relevant tab will open on the right.

When you click on each element in the workflow, you will see a grey number in the right-hand corner of the box on the right. This is the element’s specific number.

Viewing and using workflow activity filters and steps

On the welcome tab on the right, select View workflow activity. Another way to access this page is by going back to Automations. Click on the title of your workflow and select Activity.

This page will show you how many subscribers completed the workflow.

Select the drop-down menu on the left to show how many are queued. You can filter where they are in the workflow by clicking on ‘Filter’, and selecting dates or other specific elements in the workflow.

Using the drop-down menu, you can also see subscribers who have been cancelled.

Re-adding subscribers to the sequence

If you want to bring subscribers back into the workflow:

  1. Open the list of cancelled subscribers

  2. Click the arrow in the first column and Select all

  3. Click ActionsRe-add to the sequence, and Confirm

They will be re-added to where they failed in the workflow.

If you want to add them to a different step, enter the element number when confirming.

You can use the filter if you want to be more specific in your subscriber selections - such as the reason for cancellation.

Applying more actions to your subscribers’ steps

If you want to move someone from one step to another:

  1. Enter the Queued tab and select the individual(s)

  2. Click Actions and Remove from queue.

  3. This will move them to the cancelled area, where you can re-add them to a different element.

If you want them to move to the next element more quickly, you can select Actions and Skip delay.

You could also select ‘add to group’.

Remember to have your workflow switched on, while doing this!

To learn more, you can read this article which explains how to use automation activity.

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