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Summer’ized Newsletters

Summer’ized Newsletters

If summer is your favorite time of the year, you and I have something in common. For most of us it’s the time of sunny weather, joyful mood and outdoor activities. It’s the time of holidays and getaways, time of slowing down and refreshing from daily work.

However, when it comes to email marketing, summer could be the hottest time of the year for your sales if you are effective with the newsletter campaign. To achieve this, it’s a good idea to reflect the summer mood in your newsletter’s design. Think of it as a way of reaching your subscribers and being on the same line in terms of their mind set. Relate to your customers’ issues and desires, design attractive summer offers, add an extra treat in between and watch your business grow like a bamboo on a hot summer day.

In this blog post we will share some tips and show you several examples of how to design a summer’ized newsletter.

Summer holidays

Public summer holidays are an obvious and good way to reach your subscribers and offer promotions. Even if your country’s independence day is not in summer, you can find (or event invent!) many less known festivities, for example National Ice Cream Day, or Different Colored Eyes Day.

Add some smooth animations, like in the newsletter below and your product will stay in customers’ minds for the whole summer!

In the example BOOZEAT (alcohol store in Malaysia) is inviting to celebrate World Martini Day on June 19th.

Preparing to travel

It’s no secret that summer is the most popular time for vacation. They say variety is the flavor of life and changing environment once in a while is a sure way to refresh and recharge yourself with new ideas and sensations.

Travel agencies, tourist hot spots, hotels & hostels, airlines, car & bike rentals and a whole variety of other businesses that cater to travelers can promote summer vacation products and services.

Take a look at one of our customer’s ingenious solution for travel newsletter.

Outdoor activities

Since nobody wants to stay inside all summer, there’s a good opportunity to use this time of the year for outdoor activities promotion.

Here’s an example by Croatian Camping Union:

Even if you don’t offer outdoor activities you can still use images with camping, hiking, biking or other oudoor sports during the summer time. Here’s a very nice example by Designmodo:

Escape the heat

In case summer gets too hot and you are in an industry that offers cooling solutions, you can use your newsletter to offer tips for escaping the summer heat. Beverages, restaurants, bars and grills, clothing, recreation companies, air-con systems can all take advantage of this.

Check this example newsletter by Starbucks:

Popular time for weddings

More than 30% of all weddings in USA happen in summer. This event is a great opportunity for photographers, rental halls, bridal shops, churches, DJs and others to promote wedding-related services.

General design tips

  • Most people read your newsletters on mobile devices in summer, while laying on a beach or chilling in an outdoor cafe. Make sure your newsletter looks great on mobile
  • Design your newsletter content with bright colors, make sure your buttons are in yellow – this color is not only in relation with summer mood, but is also recommended by psychologists to create anxiety and curiosity, that’s why people tend to click these buttons more.
  • Use beautiful photos to get your subscribers in the summer mood. There’s plenty of great photos online that you can use for free (check our blog post Best free resources for beautiful newsletters). Moreover, we encourage you to use your own photos to be more personal.

Don’t forget to check out our Newsletter Design Gallery for ideas and inspiration.