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Video block in email: why should you use it?

Video block in email: why should you use it?

3 to 5 seconds. That’s the attention span of an average viewer. It explains why video is good for grabbing our attention.

Youtube has a billion users – ⅓ of all the people on the Internet. Facebook hit 8 billion daily video views at the end of 2015.

The use of video in email has been gaining popularity rapidly as well. Nothing helps people engage with the content as quickly as video. It’s much more emotional than text or a static image.

  • 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process.
  • Video in email can increase your open rates by 20% and click rates by 2-3 times.
  • Using the word “video” in your subject line increases open and click rates and reduces the unsubscribe rate.
  • 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates consistently outperform other marketing content.

The only question is how to use a video?

This is where we come in and provide you with a simple, yet elegant tool for adding a video to your email marketing campaigns.

Haven’t tried it yet? Read on and find out more!

How to use the video block

Videos in email how to use it

Our video block can be found in our Drag & Drop editor, in Video template and in our pre-designed templates.

Notice the 2 main tabs – CONTENT and SETTINGS.

In the CONTENT tab you will need to copy/paste your video URL address. You can use links from the most popular video sharing platforms, such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Tip: Don’t forget to click on the green arrow button once you paste the video link!

You can choose from 2 types of display. Animated gif creates a moving picture preview while the Static image option displays a single image in the block. You can upload your own static image if you don’t like the default image.

Video link field indicates where the user will be taken after clicking on your video block. It’s linked to the video source by default, but you can use the option “Links to custom link” to redirect the user elsewhere.

In the SETTINGS tab you can customize the background of your video block and select a different style Play button.

Tip: A Play button usually generates more clicks than any CTA!

FAQ: Why can’t I embed the video to play directly in the newsletter?

You might think that it would be best to embed the video and play directly in your email. However, there are some technical difficulties related to the size of the video, rendering and deliverability issues.

While some inbox providers support the option to play a video directly in the newsletter, most of the big ones don’t.

Need inspiration for your video?

Let’s look at some examples that show how a video block was used successfully.


Hiroshima is a new independent space dedicated to the exhibition of the performing arts, live music, and contemporary thought. They have great video content to showcase their artists and they are utilising our video block quite successfully by producing eye-catching gifs from high-quality videos.

Videos in email inspiration Hiroshima


Founded in 2008, MODEKUNGEN® offers a wide selection of the most desirable clothing and accessories available online. They use video blocks to give a behind the scenes view of the company and their photoshoots. This allows the customer to feel more connected to the brand.

Videos in email inspiration MODEKUNGEN

Inspirációk Csorba Anitától

Csorba Anitától runs a very successful design & lifestyle blog thats has a huge reach in Hungary. She utilizes the video block to promote to her Youtube channel where she teaches people how to make tons of cool things, from sweet bananas on a stick to emoji household items. There’s always something interesting to discover even if you don’t speak Hungarian.

Videos in email inspiration Inspirációk Csorba Anitától

Did you know that by 2019, 80% of online content will be video? It’s the perfect time to start using more videos in your email marketing.

P. S.

Already using video in email marketing? Share your experiences in the comments. How do your customers react to video? Are they more engaged?