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69 content ideas to jazz up your July newsletters

· 21 min read · Email marketing · Jun 4, 2024
Ernesta, Senior Legal Counsel.

With most people headed deep into summer break mode, you might think there’s not much else going on to inspire July newsletter ideas.

You're in for a surprise! Besides one of the biggest US holidays (Independence Day), we found 69 other content ideas that you can use to connect with your subscribers.

From wacky observances (National Wrong Trousers Day) to annual environmental efforts (Clean Beaches Week), there are plenty of upcoming events to celebrate in your July newsletters.

Before you begin…

Remember that relevance is key. Pick newsletter topics that relate to your business in some way—even if it is as simple as adding a P.S. to remind your readers of the special day. 

Some of these days hold special cultural and/or religious significance, so if you choose to refer to them in your email marketing strategy, remember to be sensitive and considerate. 

Use this as a guide to help plan your email newsletter ideas for July. We encourage you to experiment and to keep it Lite!

On the 1st of July, Canadians everywhere celebrate Canada Day. The day commemorates the day three provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Canada Province) became one country through the Constitution Act on this day in 1867.

  • Newsletter idea: Give your Canadian subscribers a shout-out! If you have a fair chunk of Canadians on your email list, use dynamic content to send a personalized offer exclusively for them 🍁

Game developers, Team Alto, celebrate Canadians across the globe by offering an exclusive Canada Day deal on their mobile game “Alto’s Odyssey”.

Canada Day newsletter example from Team Alto
Image credit: Team Alto

The Tour de France is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in France, where cyclists race for the chance to wear the famous yellow jersey given to the winners of each stage... The 2024 event will be the 111th edition of the event. For the first time, it will start in Florence, Italy, and finish in Nice, bypassing Paris due to the upcoming Olympics.

  • Newsletter idea: Add a text box to the end of your weekly email campaign with quick race updates or fun facts about the towns passed through that day. With so many people around the world watching, more than one subscriber is bound to find the highlights super engaging!

Team Jumbo-Visma keeps subscribers updated with race roundups and other interesting information about the race and its competitors.

Tour de France email newsletter example from Team Jumbo-Visma
Image credit: Team Jumbo-Visma

Independence Day (also known simply as the Fourth of July) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence. Americans celebrate this day with fireworks, BBQs and other fun summer activities.

  • Newsletter idea: Provide subscribers with the ingredients for a fool-proof, fun-filled Fourth of July weekend. Whether it be local activities, essential supplies or delicious themed recipes

Media company, Brit + Co, nails all of the above in this Fourth of July newsletter. They offer recipes, products and DIY hacks that you can use to have the perfect Fourth of July beach day.

July 4th newsletter example from Brit + Co
Image credit: Brit + Co

The Paris Olympics opens on July 26 and runs until August 11, 2024. The world will be watching, so make the most of the inevitable sporting fever by adding Olympic-themed content to emails sent during this period. 

  • Newsletter idea: Test your subscribers' knowledge with an interactive newsletter quiz. Use dynamic content to reference the sports and athletes most relevant to the subscribers’ countries.

Adidas released a Tokyo collection during the summer of the Tokyo Olympics and asked subscribers if they were ready for sports. This may appeal to anyone motivated to pick up a sport having watched the Olympics.

Note: Unless you have the appropriate permission, don't use Olympic logos or terminology in your promotional emails. Read the Olympic IP guidelines or seek legal advice before using it in your emails.

Summer sports email from Adidas
Source: Adidas

Canada Day email subject lines
  • 5 ways to celebrate Canada Day

  • Exclusive Canada Day sale ends at midnight!

  • Take the family out to lunch with our Canada Day coupon 🍁

Tour de France email subject lines
  • Race into stores for your Tour de France discount

  • 5 Tour de France facts you need to know

  • Win the Yellow Jersey! Details inside

Fourth of July email subject lines
  • All 4 one. One 4 all. All 4 boating! (Boatsetter)

  • Break out the sparklers, it’s time for a Fourth of July picnic! (Brit + Co)

  • Red, White and Bureau! (Cotton Bureau)

Olympic games subject lines
  • Your exclusive Olympic Games Paris 2024 adventure starts here (Ticketmaster)

  • 🏃 «Olympic Weekends» Nika, leaving your rivals far behind! (Semalt)

  • Connect with Olympians & Paralympians (Airbnb)

Summer subject lines
  • Set your sights on summer (Aero)

  • Our favorite summer tips just for you (Act Blue)

  • Make a splash this summer (Vacasa)

July subject lines for retail
  • Are you set for summer? (ARC'TERYX)

  • SUMMER SALE - Up to 30% off (Charles Simon)

  • Sumer Hot Savings You Don’t Want to Miss (8fit)

1. Independent Retailer Month

The entire month of July celebrates Independent Retailer Month. The month-long observance offers an opportunity for us to showcase local small businesses.

  • Newsletter idea: Share the story of your own small business or create a series that shines a spotlight on a different small business in each July newsletter

2. National Anti-Boredom Month (US)

In the 1980s, July was selected as National Anti-Boredom Month because, after Independence Day, there isn’t a lot going on in the way of holidays and celebrations. Anti-Boredom Month encourages us to identify what makes us bored and find ways to combat it! 

  • Newsletter idea: Celebrate Anti-Boredom Month by offering your subscribers various ways to fight the boredom bug. Use email automation to make a series where each day subscribers can be inspired by a new activity. (Especially handy for parents of kids on summer holidays)

3. Ice Cream Month

In most places July is hot and sticky, that’s why July is Ice Cream Month! It’s the perfect frosty treat to cool down during summer.

  • Newsletter idea: Add creative and delicious ice cream recipes in a special block at the bottom of your July newsletters

1. Clean Beaches Week (July 1 - July 7, 2024)

An initiative established by The Clean Beaches Coalition, Clean Beaches Week is celebrated annually during the first 7 days of July. It’s the perfect time to be proactive and attempt to address a small part of the overall waste problem affecting marine life while raising awareness of a much larger global challenge.

  • Newsletter idea: Bring awareness to the issue, organize a beach clean-up in your area and encourage subscribers to do the same

2. Capture the Sunset Week (July 18 - July 24, 2024)

Sunsets are one of nature’s most stunning displays of raw beauty. Whether it be on film, on your iPhone or simply in your memory, the third full week in July is the perfect time to capture it.

  • Newsletter idea: Set up a challenge for subscribers to share their best sunset photos and announce a winner at the end of Capture the Sunset Week

3. Shark Week (July 21 - July 28, 2024)

Shark Week is a week-long programming event hosted by the Discovery Channel. Since it was launched, its main purpose has been to correct misconceptions about sharks and also focus on conservation efforts.

  • Newsletter idea: Help correct misconceptions about sharks by sharing fun facts about these cartilaginous creatures during Shark Week. You can also embed official Shark Week tweets to keep subscribers up to date on the programming schedule

July 1, 2024

  • International Joke Day: Share your favorite jokes in your newsletter and challenge subscribers to come up with something funnier

  • International Chicken Wing Day: Add a survey block to ask subscribers where to get the best chicken wings and share the results

  • National Wrong Trousers Day (UK): Show subscribers what you’ll be wearing on Wrong Trousers Day and encourage them to tag you in their social media posts so you can share the best wrong trousers in your newsletter

July 2, 2024

  • National I Forgot Day: Create a free downloadable calendar template so your subscribers never forget an important event again

July 3, 2024

  • Disobedience Day: Have some fun and break all the rules—mix up your newsletter blocks and use crazy colors. (Just make sure the subject line makes it clear to expect something a little different)

  • International Plastic Bag Free Day: Remind subscribers how harmful plastic bags are to our planet and provide them with some affordable, sustainable solutions

  • National Stay Out of the Sun Day: Remind subscribers that their skin needs a break from the sweltering heat and suggest some indoor summer activities

  • National Eat Beans Day: Appreciate this high-protein legume with some delicious bean recipes

  • First day of Wimbledon: Create a tennis-inspired newsletter to celebrate the start of Wimbledon. Introduce tennis players from your country and celebrate their results as the tournament progresses

July 5, 2024

  • National Bikini Day: This is the perfect chance for e-commerce stores selling swimwear to have an exclusive limited-time sale on bikinis. Create urgency with a countdown timer

July 6, 2024

  • International Kissing Day: Everyone has a busy life. Remind subscribers to slow down and take the time to appreciate kissing their loved ones today

July 7, 2024

  • Tell the Truth Day: Open up to subscribers and share some truth with them. For example, a hard truth about when you started your business. For something lighter, share some funny lies kids tell and how you got them to tell the truth

  • National Strawberry Sundae Day: Share a recipe for a healthier strawberry sundae (goes great with Ice Cream Month observances)

July 8, 2024

  • National Video Game Day: Tell subscribers about your favorite video game, or share links to online games that subscribers can take a break and have some fun with

July 9, 2024

  • National Sugar Cookie Day: Offer some fun, printable sugar cookie recipes with subscribers who need some activities to do with kids on summer break

July 10, 2024

  • National Piña Colada Day: Add a recipe at the end of your newsletter so subscribers can enjoy this tropical cocktail at home

  • Don't Step On a Bee Day: Remind subscribers that the fate of common bees is still at risk and share a list of charities they can support to help save the bees

  • Teddy Bear Picnic Day: Offer subscribers a checklist of everything they need to host an unforgettable Teddy Bear Picnic

  • National Kitten Day: Share the stage with some kittens (and grown-up kittens) up for adoption and local shelters

July 11, 2024

  • Cheer Up the Lonely Day: Almost a quarter of adults aged over 65 are considered socially isolated. Phone-pal volunteers help combat this by calling lonely elders on a regular basis. Share some remote phone-pal opportunities with your subscribers

July 12, 2024

  • Simplicity Day: Remind subscribers to observe this day born out of a need to be free from the complications of the world and to allow ourselves to just be simple

July 13, 2024

  • Embrace Your Geekness Day: Share your geekiest traits and ask subscribers to share theirs

  • National French Fry Day: Share recipes for healthier fries using less oil or sweet potato, cassava and jicama

July 14, 2024

  • Shark Awareness Day: Paired great with Shark Week, this day is a great time to correct misconceptions about sharks and tell subscribers how they can take part in their conservation

July 15, 2024

  • Be a Dork Day: Remind subscribers it’s okay to be a dork and tell them the dorkiest thing you love to geek out about

  • National Give Something Away Day: Set up a giveaway competition where subscribers are challenged to give something away, then offer one of your products as a free prize

  • National Pet Fire Safety Day: Provide subscribers with a checklist for setting up a pet fire safety plan

July 16, 2024

  • World Snake Day: Snake lovers can take this opportunity to celebrate snakes and raise awareness about their conservation

  • National Corn Fritter Day: Share an easy and tasty recipe for corn fritters

July 17, 2024

July 18, 2024

  • Nelson Mandela Day (aka Mandela Day): Tell subscribers the small actions they can take to make the world at large a better place and fight against poverty

July 19, 2024

  • National Daiquiri Day: Add a fruity daiquiri recipe to the bottom of your newsletter

July 20, 2024

  • National Moon Day: This day commemorates the end of the space race, and the American flag being placed on the moon share some fun facts about this day with subscribers

  • International Chess Day: Share some common chess plays that beginners can use to impress their friends

July 21, 2024

  • National Junk Food Day: Remind subscribers it’s okay to indulge a little now and then, and share some recipes for a delicious treat they can enjoy at home

July 22, 2024

July 23, 2024

  • Gorgeous Grandma Day: Celebrate your gorgeous Grandma or your favorite gorgeous Grandma from history

July 24, 2024

  • Tell An Old Joke Day: Bring some humor and nostalgia to your newsletter by starting off with an old joke

  • National Cousins Day: Our cousins are really our first friends. Share a story about your cousin(s) from your childhood

July 25, 2024

  • National Thread the Needle Day: Remind subscribers to find harmony or strike a balance between conflicting forces, interests, etc. (or take it literally and set a sewing challenge)!

  • National Wine and Cheese Day: Provide subscribers with a list of perfect wine and cheese pairings

July 26, 2024

  • National All or Nothing Day: The perfect time to offer an exclusive bundle of products/services

July 27, 2024

  • Bagpipe Appreciation Day: Share the history of bagpipes and embed a video in which the unique melodies can be appreciated

July 28, 2024

  • National Auntie Day: Launch an "Auntie of the Year" contest where subscribers can nominate their aunts with touching stories and photos. Feature winning entries in a special newsletter edition.

July 29, 2024

  • Rain Day: Share a list of your favorite books to get cozied up with on a rainy day

  • National Lasagna Day: Share your nonna’s secret lasagna recipe (if you dare)

  • National Lipstick Day: Share your holy-grail list of lipsticks that work for everyone along with a few lipstick hacks

July 30, 2024

  • National Support Public Education Day: Raise awareness about the benefits of public education and tell subscribers how they can support it

  • International Day of Friendship: Encourage subscribers to become an international penpal and create friendships across the globe

July 31, 2024

  • Harry Potter's Birthday: Create a themed newsletter taking inspiration from a Hogwarts acceptance letter

  • National Mutt Day: Share the harrowing truth about purebred dogs and the benefits of mixed breed dogs while shining a light on local shelters

  • July 1, 1862 - President Abraham Lincoln signs the first income tax bill

  • July 2, 1937 - Amelia Earhart goes missing

  • July 4, 1954 - Food rationing ends in Great Britain after 14 years

  • July 9, 1941 - The Enigma Code is broken

  • July 11, 1985 - The Coca-Cola company makes one of the worst decisions in marketing history when it decides to change its original formula and introduce "New Coke"

  • July 22, 1991 - Jeffrey Dahmer is caught 

  • July 24, 1969 - Apollo 11, the U.S. spacecraft that had taken the first astronauts to the surface of the moon, safely returns to Earth

  • July 25, 1978 - Lesley Brown gave birth to the world's first “test-tube baby” (in-vitro fertilization) delivered by cesarean section in Oldham, England

With 69 special events to celebrate in July, your content calendar will be full of fun and inspiring newsletter content ideas.

Remember as always, choose events that are relevant to your business. Whether you’re setting challenges, sharing recipes or making a difference your subscribers are sure to be delighted. See you next month when we fire up your August newsletter ideas!

Did we miss any fun July events? Head to the comments section below to let us know what days you’ll be covering in your July newsletters! We’ll add any relevant ideas to our next article update.

Erin Ford
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