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Send-time optimization

Send emails at the perfect times. More opens, clicks and conversions with the push of a button. Try using our send-time optimization tools today with a free premium trial. No card required!

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Smart sending powered by AI

Higher campaign engagement is a click away! Our AI-powered Smart sending feature delivers emails to each subscriber at the times they are poised to open them.

More conversions, more revenue

Improved engagement from Smart sending boosts the likelihood of conversions. You’ll increase sales and generate more revenue.

Optimization made easy

Enjoy AI-powered optimization at scale. Smart sending handles the entire process automatically. Sit back and watch your open rate increase.

Data-backed, automated sending

Say goodbye to time-consuming A/B testing or simple guesswork. Smart sending uses historical campaign data to automatically send emails at the best tim

Sendings get smarter

Machine learning technology means the more emails you send, the more accurately the tool can predict the optimal send time for each subscriber.

Send by timezone

When you want to send emails at a chosen local time to all your subscribers, no matter where they live. Hit send and your emails are automatically delivered at your specified time of day in each time zone.

Perfect for time-sensitive emails

Send by timezone is essential for email messages that need to go out at a specific time, such as morning briefings or product announcements.

The right time, everywhere

Noon in London is 4 AM in LA. The former is the best time to send, the latter the worst. Sending by timezone lets you send emails when people check their inbox, wherever they’re based.

Fully automated process

Choose a send time and the tool will automatically segment your list based on signup location and deliver your emails at the right time.

Real-time tracking

Track how your email marketing campaigns are traveling around the globe in real time. Hover over different time zones to get campaign metrics for that region.

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