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New! Send perfectly-timed emails with ‘Smart sending’ powered by AI

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 6 min read · Updates,Email marketing · Dec 7, 2023
John and Tautvydas sending perfectly-timed emails to Erin, Rachel and Duncan.

Self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence. Perfectly-timed email sending. The future is here and it’s bright!

Smart sending is the newest AI feature from MailerLite, and it’s gonna redefine email engagement. Imagine every email you send lands in your subscribers’ inboxes when they’re most likely to engage. Simply fantasy? Think again. 

By using AI to analyze past campaigns, Smart sending predicts the best time to send emails to each subscriber. 

It's simple, it's smart, and it'll change your email marketing metrics forever. Delivering the right message at the moment your subscribers are most likely to engage is now a reality. Here’s how it works. →

Smart sending uses AI to analyze historical data and determine the perfect time to deliver your messages. Instead of scheduling your email campaign for a set time, all you have to do is hit the Smart sending button.

Your emails will automatically be sent to each subscriber at the optimal time for engagement within that 24-hour period, while learning your subscribers’ interactions to keep improving accuracy over time. 

AI is not just for content generation. By using AI to optimize send times, Smart sending offers a level of personalization that we only dreamed of until now.
- Georgia, Email Marketing Specialist

This clever sending feature considers several factors when making predictions such as previous timing, opens and clicks, and then creates a personalized sending schedule for each subscriber.

When you send a campaign, Smart sending automatically splits subscribers into batches, sending the newsletter to individuals at their optimal send time.

A graphic depicting a newsletter being sent to individual subscribers at personalized send times.
And that's just the beginning...

You might not see a massive jump in engagement the first time you use Smart sending. But it just needs time to get to know your subscribers.

Smart sending uses previous campaigns to adapt and evolve––meaning the more you use Smart sending, the more effective it becomes for your audience. Very cool!

The best part about Smart sending is that it only takes one click to use it! All the analysis happens behind the scenes. Simply create a campaign, then select the Smart sending option on the Review and schedule page.

A screenshot of the Smart sending feature in MailerLite

Smart sending is available on the Advanced plan of the new version of MailerLite. If you don’t have an Advanced plan, you can upgrade in your account settings under Plan and billing

New to MailerLite? Try Smart sending for free!

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Sending perfectly timed emails is sure to improve email engagement and redefine performance benchmarks. Whether you are selling online, nurturing long-term customers or growing your audience, getting more clicks and opens will give your business a boost. 

Smart sending will also:

  • Increase conversion rates: Capitalize on the power of targeting with AI. By reaching your audience when they're most open to interaction, Smart sending significantly boosts the likelihood of conversions.

  • Improve customer relationships: Show your customers that you value and understand their preferences. A personalized approach to email timing respects your recipients' schedules, fostering stronger, more meaningful connections and enhancing overall customer interest.

  • Save tons of time: Eliminate the research and constant testing. Smart sending powered by AI determines the optimal time to send emails, freeing up your time to concentrate on crafting compelling content.

Studies have shown that 71% of consumers expect personalized messaging, and 76% feel frustrated when they’re subjected to generic bulk marketing.

We launched Smart sending for this very reason. Delivering your emails to each individual at the time they’re most likely to click is a massive leap in personalization.

As we lean into micro-targeting and hyper-personalization, Smart sending will become a critical component in the toolkit of every successful email marketer. Are you ready to level up your email marketing with the most advanced tools on the planet?

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Migle Navickaite
Migle Navickaite
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