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Smart sending: How to send perfectly-timed emails

💡 Smart sending powered by AI is available on MailerLite Advanced plans.

With subscribers across different time zones and varying preferences, it can be difficult to know when to send your emails for maximum engagement… until now.

Meet Smart sending: The AI-powered email scheduling tool that will help you deliver emails at the exact moment your subscribers are most likely to engage. 

Smart sending is a powerful tool that uses AI to analyze each subscriber's past interactions, sign-up dates, and time zones to determine the optimal time to send them your emails. By using smart sending, your campaigns will reach your subscribers when they're most likely to open and engage with them.

To send your campaigns with optimized sending:

1. Go to the Campaigns page, or choose Create > Create campaign from the Dashboard. 

2. Select a Regular campaign

3. Follow the steps to create a campaign. Enter the Name, Subject, Preheader, and choose the recipients, and create your design in the editor. 

4. On the Review and schedule step, scroll down and select Smart sending

5. Here, you can select the day the campaign will be sent. 

  • Send now: If you're ready to send immediately, simply choose today's date. The campaign will start sending within a few minutes.

  • Selected date: If you prefer to send your campaign on a future date, select the desired day from the calendar. The campaign will start sending on that specific day, according to your account’s timezone.

Timing the dispatch: The exact time your campaign starts sending on the selected date depends on when you click the Schedule button. The dispatch time is set based on the time you schedule the campaign:

If you click the Schedule button at any time after the full hour but before the next full hour, the campaign's start time will be rounded up to the next full hour. For instance, if you schedule the campaign at 9:15 AM, the campaign will start sending at 10:00 AM.

Example: If you want your mailing to start at 10:00 AM, you should schedule it any time after 9:00 AM and before 10:00 AM on the desired date. This ensures that the campaign starts precisely at the beginning of the hour you intend.

Smart Sending optimizes your email campaigns by calculating the most effective time to engage each reader. This approach is based on the behavior of your subscribers.

Here's how it works:

  • Subscriber click activity: When a subscriber engages with your campaign by clicking links within your email, this behavior is used to determine when a subscriber is most active. If a subscriber frequently clicks on links within your campaigns, Smart Sending uses this data to determine when that subscriber is typically active.

  • Email open rates: If a subscriber has not clicked on any links in your campaign, we then consider their email open times. 

  • New subscribers: For those who haven't yet interacted with your campaigns (through clicks or opens), we analyze the time they subscribed to your mailing list using a form. This initial engagement point offers valuable insights into their preferred time for receiving emails.

  • Imported subscribers: Subscribers imported into your list, who haven't yet clicked or opened any emails, are sent campaigns based on the most popular times observed across your account. 

  • New accounts: If your account is new and does not show previous campaign data, these subscribers will receive emails at a default time of 9 a.m. according to your account’s time zone, until sufficient data is collected to personalize their sending times.

Yep! It’s really that easy. But the cleverness of this AI tool doesn’t end there, Smart sending will continue to adapt to your subscribers’ behavior over time. This means the more you use Smart sending, the more effective it gets. Genius!

Last time edited: Dec 8, 2023