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Amy · 13 min read

Apple Mail Privacy Protection: What you need to know

Apple's Mail Privacy Protection feature is set to change the way we do email marketing—for the better. Here's how you can adapt.

Marta · 13 min read

What’s happened to email marketing since GDPR kicked in

Find out how email marketing has changed since GDPR. Hint: It didn’t hurt email marketing—it actually helped it (a lot)!

Megan · 19 min read

We’re explaining every web page your website should (and could) contain

“Which pages should my website have?” You'll find the answers in this article including must-have and great-to-have pages.

Gintarė · 9 min read

The Omnibus Directive: Is this the new GDPR for customer rights protection?

There's a new law on the horizon of EU consumer rights protection. Find out what it means for you and your business.

Jonas · 13 min read

Email cadence: How many emails should you send per week, month?

We'll share our email frequency data and sending best practices to help you find the email cadence that will deliver more opens and clicks.

Paulius · 43 min read

SEO basics: Beginners guide to growing website traffic

Learn the SEO tricks and tactics you can do yourself to improve your website!

Paulius · 17 min read

11 examples of effective B2B email marketing (with best practices)

Business-to-business newsletter examples and tips to help you improve your B2B email marketing campaigns.

Amy · 19 min read

9 tips to design UX-friendly mobile pop-ups that convert

The mobile and desktop experience are completely different, so your mobile pop-ups should be too! Learn how with these 9 best practices.

Jonas · 18 min read

7 steps to creating survey invitation emails that get responses

The 7 steps to create survey invitation emails that bring valuable responses. Including email and subject line examples.

Marta · 37 min read

99 GDPR questions people are asking about email marketing

Find answers to the best GDPR questions asked by our customers. We curated the top 99 questions to help you get the most out of your email marketing.