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200 spectacular spring email subject lines to inspire your own

· 20 min read · Email marketing · Feb 27, 2024
Jonas, Content team lead

To quote the late, great Robin Williams: "Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's party!" And there are plenty of spring email subject lines to get your newsletters in the spirit of things!

Email marketing mega-holidays like Christmas and Black Friday have passed. Maybe Valentine’s Day emails helped you get through the long winter. Now, it’s time for your spring email marketing campaigns!

Spring is a great time to send newsletters, especially when your email campaigns coincide with the many spring events and holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day and for some, Mother’s Day (US & Canada).

Although inbox competition is fierce at this time of year, you can stand out with a spring email subject line that speaks directly to your subscribers.

Even if you’re on the other side of the map with a different season, you can still get inspired by these subject lines for the holidays (come rain or shine)! So let’s get like the Easter Bunny and hop to it!

Before we get into specific spring events, we’re starting strong with general spring-themed subject lines that generated over 40% open rates for our customers' spring email campaigns

40 subject lines for spring email campaigns 🌻
  1. Greetings, {$name}, any signs of spring where you are?

  2. Put some sizzle into your spring!

  3. Woo-hoo! It's almost Spring, {$name}!

  4. Don't let ☔ weather get you down?! We have events, fundraisers, and upcoming springtime fun!

  5. Happy Spring Break (kinda) ?

  6. Digital Spring Cleaning

  7. Is it Spring yet?

  8. Access the Spring Exclusives Bundle

  9. Spring Fair discounts this way! ➡️

  10. New Spring Releases

  11. Spring (and rain...) is in the air.

  12. Hi {$name}, A Spring Farm Update for you!

  13. What screams spring to you?

  14. A sneak peek into our Spring Soiree

  15. ☀️ New member features, to celebrate SPRING!

  16. Get Ready for Spring 2023

  17. Spring has finally sprung

  18. Spring late at your place too, {$name}

  19. Welcome to the Spring Runner Reset!

  20. What’s Blue and Screams Spring?

  21. {$name}, Good Things Come in Spring Packages!

  22. Cozy Rock Cabin- Spring Dates are OPEN! ❄️

  23. {$name}, spring back into the world a healthier you

  24. Come on Spring, we're ready for you

  25. Spring success! What’s next?

  26. Spring Photo-therapy

  27. Our Spring Sale Starts this FRIDAY!

  28. Spring is in the air (and so is the pollen)

  29. Let's splash into spring!

  30. ☕ Spring + books = heart singing! ☕

  31. Spring is on the way…

  32. Children's Art Project - New Spring Cards Now Available!

  33. SPRING is not canceled!

  34. 3 Quick Steps to Spring Clean your Website ✅

  35. Spring is in Full Bloom, {$name}!

  36. March into Spring Books!

  37. Spring has sprung! Let’s adventure!

  38. Happy Spring Bank Holiday, {$name}!

  39. Spring registration just opened, WHICH MEANS…

  40. Enjoy the spring and treat yourself! ☀️

Want to stay on top of your 2024 newsletter schedule? Set up an email content calendar to take care of it all, year-round. Check out the article below to learn how.

From International Women’s Day to the first day of spring, there are plenty of events to inspire your campaigns in March—and it all starts with the perfect subject line. 

Below are plenty of examples you can use to inspire your own subject line ideas. For more inspiration, use our AI subject line generator to create subject lines for your campaigns in seconds.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (8 March 2024)

Celebrated globally since 1977, International Women’s Day is now a key spring holiday that celebrates the cultural, socioeconomic and political advances made by women. 

6 International Women’s Day email subject line ideas 🚺
  1. Celebrating Fearless Female Founders

  2. What clean water means for women

  3. Here’s to strong women

  4. Read About Visionary Women

  5. The Women That Made Us

  6. Sustainable Living: International Women’s Month

st patricks email subject lines

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March 2024)

Is this your lucky day? St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to have fun with your emails. While there will be plenty of shamrock emojis in people’s inboxes, the best way to get people excited is to celebrate the holiday by offering a gift, such as freebies or special promotions.

20 St. Patrick's Day subject lines 🇮🇪
  1. ☘️☘️☘️ Lots a St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas for Your Celebration! ☘️☘️☘️

  2. Exciting News and St. Patrick's Day Music Lessons!

  3. FREEBIE! Saint Patrick's Day Printable Stickers

  4. A FREE St. Patrick's Day Activity for you {$name}

  5. Free St. Patrick's Day Silhouette Design: Who Needs Luck

  6. St Patrick's Day Sale!, 12% Off

  7. The Run Lucky Collection is back ☘️

  8. Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

  9. St. Patrick's Day Fun for the Whole Family!

  10. St. Patrick's Day Fun + Spring Inspiration

  11. Sending a little luck your way… ☘️

  12. 12 St. Patrick's Day Ideas to DIY this Spring

  13. A St. Patrick's Day Activity for you {$name}

  14.  St. Patrick's Day Giveaway and Sneak Peek

  15. ☘️ Not the St. Patrick's Day Message I'd Planned to Send… ☘️

  16. It's St. Patrick's Day {$name}!

  17. Free St. Patrick's Day Printables

  18. 25+ Paleo St. Patrick's Day Recipes! ☘️☘️☘️

  19. EASY Homemade St. Patrick's Day Dinner Recipes!

  20. ⛳ ☘️☘️ Come out and enjoy St. Patrick's Day at Pheasant Ridge Golf Club . . .

Spring sales

Spring sales

A spring holiday sale is a great way to get people in the spirit of the new season. It’s also a good moment to launch a fresh product or service to help people prepare for the warmer months ahead! 

25 spring sales email subject lines 💰
  1. Spring is Here, But This Sale Is Almost Gone

  2. NEW Spring mugs are here

  3. Spring Sale Starts Today - Take 30%

  4. Our Spring-Fresh Favorites

  5. Seasonal Savings 🌻 🌺 🌸

  6. New Spring Collections are HERE!

  7. 👀 Looking for last minute spring getaways?

  8. Spring 22 Sneak Peek!

  9. 🌞 start planning your spring break looks!

  10. Spring Favorites at 20% off

  11. Your spring all-weather checklist ✔

  12. Spring Sale ✨ EXTENDED ✨

  13. Floral in love with our new print

  14. 🌸 Spring into Savings 🌸

  15. Ending Soon - 20% Off Our Spring Picks

  16. April Showers Bring May Flowers

  17. Take 30% Off to Kick-off Your Spring Refresh

  18. We’re having a Spring Clearance

  19. Life’s A Bed Of Bluebells

  20. Spring Sale: Buy 2, Get 1 Free

  21. Rain-ready gear for spring showers

  22. SPRING SHOES (but they’re selling fast, so hurry)

  23. 🌸 40% Off 🌸 for Spring

  24. Spring PJs Just Bloomed

  25. Welcome spring with light + bright looks

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Spring is the season when people think about decluttering their spaces and minds. If you offer services to help with any of these tasks, then this is your moment!

10 spring cleaning email subject lines ✨
  1. Spring Cleaning 🚽 🌸

  2. Spring savings to spruce up your home

  3. Spring Clean Your Closet ⚡️FLASH SALE ⚡

  4. Spring capsule wardrobes 🌸

  5. Spring Cleaning Is Here!

  6. Spring Cleaning with 40% Off

  7. Take our Spring Cleaning quiz

  8. Spring cleaning

  9. Fancy a fresh start? ✨

  10. [FINAL HOURS] Are you ready to declutter your closet?

daylight saving time

Daylight saving time (10 March 2024 in the US and 31 March 2024 in Europe)

As the days get longer in the northern hemisphere, the start of Daylight savings time is the moment when spring fever begins. Celebrate this in your email subject lines.

4 daylight saving email subject lines 🌞
  1. Happy first day of spring!

  2. Spring’s around the corner

  3. Enter: Spring 2024

  4. Our Daylight Savings Sale is here!

spring break email subject lines

Spring break

Colleges and schools in the U.S. have their annual spring break in March, although the exact dates vary. Send an email with a spring break subject line if your audience includes students or you have a travel-related brand.

Spring break subject lines
  • Rethink spring break with your own place (AirBnB)

  • Spring (lunch) break (

  • Spring price break (Saxx)

  • Made to travel: Spring '24 wanderlust (Visit Scotland)

easter email subject lines

Easter (31 March 2024*)

Easter is a big-spending holiday. In 2023, consumers planned to spend $192.01 on Easter-related items—making it a great opportunity for email marketers to ramp up their Easter newsletters! Your text doesn’t need gimmicks, florals or eggs-quisite wordplay to be successful. These subject line examples focus on personalization and giveaways (and egg hunts, of course)!

*Note: Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter on 5 May 2024.

30 Easter email subject lines 🐣
  1. Our Easter Sale Ends At Midnight Tonight! 🌺

  2. Who needs chocolate 🍫 when we have skincare on sale?!

  3. Easter Gifts For Good Eggs

  4. Your Easter Sunday Best

  5. Let’s make this an egg-cellent Easter

  6. A Special Gift Just for You! Happy Easter!

  7. A Happy Easter at Home

  8. Wondering what to do for Easter this year?

  9. What will the Easter Bunny put in your basket?

  10. Keto Easter Bunny Bringing You Keto Tips

  11. A Belated Easter Gift!

  12. Easter is Coming...And so are Some Other Cool Things!

  13. {$name} Wishing you a joyful Easter with two giveaways

  14. Happy Easter, {$name}. Coupon Inside!

  15. Let's get creative! Coolest DIY gift ever | Easter Fun

  16. Do you Dress up for Easter?

  17. Easter Cheer: Take $300 Off Every $1000

  18. {$name}, here is a little Easter treat from us!

  19. Who Wants a Free Box Set & Easter Freebies?

  20. Last-minute special: 40% off for Easter weekend

  21. An Easter Surprise For You

  22. Happy Easter! And some exciting news…

  23. Mindful Activities for Easter Holidays

  24. Make a cool 3D Easter egg card

  25. ✨ Wishing you the happiest Easter of all ✨

  26. ⚠️ The Easter SALE Ends Tonight!

  27. So egg-citing: an Easter present is waiting for you!

  28. No Easter egg dye at home? Try this instead

  29. Hoppy Easter ❣️

  30. ✂️ What's in your Easter Basket?! ✂️

‘Tis the season for April showers—and spring is well underway (in some parts of the world, at least)! Here are 2 exciting events in April to inspire your email subject lines, or read our complete list of April newsletter ideas for more.

april fool's day

April Fool’s Day (1 April 2024)

On a day dedicated to practical jokes and playful hoaxes, remind your subscribers that they can trust your company—but also don’t shy away from a touch of humor in your subject lines!

5 April Fool’s Day email subject lines 😜
  1. Open for joy and jokes

  2. No April Fools here, just Sweat things + 7 day free trial

  3. 1-Day Sale! 30% Off for April Fool’s Day

  4. Here’s to a Happy April

  5. Free delivery is no joke 😉

Earth day email subject lines

Earth Day (22 April 2024)

Earth Day is held in April every year to raise awareness of environmental issues. It's a great moment to share your business's sustainability practices and explain what your audience can do to help protect the planet.

10 Earth Day email subject lines 🌎
  1. We’re on track to 100% sustainability

  2. Save Mother Earth’s Butt

  3. In Honor of Earth Day

  4. We make every day Earth Day 🌎 Here's how we reduce, reuse + recycle

  5. Earth Day Giveaway

  6. There’s always a solution

  7. An Earth-Kind Kind Of Lifestyle

  8. New graphics inspired by nature 🌍💚

  9. Traffic suuuuckks, but do you know why?

  10. In Need of Durable Fabrics?

Mother's Day and Memorial day are our pick of the May events and we've listed relevant subject line examples below. Check out our May email newsletter ideas article for more May-themed email inspiration.

mothers day email subject lines

US & Canada Mother’s Day (12 May 2024)

Mother’s Day is a great email marketing event. Yes, it’s a busy spending holiday, but let’s not forget the main reason—moms are the best. Make your campaigns all about moms and the rest will take care of itself. 

25 Mother’s Day email subject lines 💐
  1. Have you called your mother yet?

  2. Mom always goes the extra mile

  3. Mother’s Day deadline is 1pm

  4. Mother’s Day is a big deal. So is our sale.

  5. [Freebie Friday] What? It's almost Mother's Day

  6. IMPORTANT: We've just extended the Mother's Day Sale by 24 hours!

  7. May your Mother be with you! Save up to $75 this weekend!

  8. An apology, an announcement, and a BIG Mother’s Day multi-author sale!

  9. How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

  10. It's Mother's Day ... relax with a freebie

  11. Recipes that will win your Ma's heart this Mother's Day!

  12. Psst... It's Mother's Day in less than a month!

  13. Are you ready for Mother's Day yet {$name}?

  14. 3 Last-Minute Mother's Day Ideas

  15. Friday Freebie! Printable Mother's Day Cards ❤️

  16. {$name} What does Mother's Day mean to you?

  17. Shower Mummy with ❤ this Mother's Day

  18. Anyone thinking about Mother's Day yet, or is it just me?

  19. 25 Mother’s Day “Sweet Things” That Will Impress the Queen, Herself! Hail the Mom!

  20. {$name} This Mother's Day will be different

  21. ✨ You are a Mother Warrior ✨

  22. ❤️ Mother’s Day Special: Take 40% Off ❤️

  23. {$name}, discover the best ways to enjoy motherhood

  24. What Moms Really Want This Year For Mother's Day

  25. We believe in you! Happy Mother's Day!

memorial day email subject lines

Memorial Day (27 May 2024)

In the U.S., Memorial Day is a holiday for remembering and honoring the people who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It’s an opportunity for your brand to acknowledge the fallen and celebrate patriotism.

25 Memorial Day subject lines 🇺🇸
  1. Something to Think About on Memorial Day

  2. Memorial Day Treats and Stuff

  3. 15% Off Site-Wide Memorial Day Sale Starts Now For Instant Rewards Members!

  4. A red, white and blue dessert to make your Memorial Day DELICIOUS!

  5. ⚡ Memorial Day - FLASH Sale! ⚡

  6. Memorial Day Sale - Promo Code Inside

  7. Thank you for your service ❤ - Happy Memorial Day (Enjoy your Freebie on me!)

  8. 2 days left to save big with our Memorial Day Sale.

  9. Do you need a FUN treat for Memorial Day that your kids will LOVE?

  10. Memorial Day Sale Extended 🎉

  11. ⭐ Memorial Day: Remember & Honor

  12. Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

  13. Keto Recipes for Memorial Day!

  14. Happy Memorial Day, {$name}!

  15. Don't forget to place your BBQ order! Memorial Day Special

  16. Be safe this Memorial Day {$name}

  17. Memorial Day Savings Exclusively for Military Members ⛳

  18. How I spent my Memorial Vacation⛰️

  19. Happy Memorial Day! Take 30% Off Sitewide

  20. 📢 Memorial Day Savings Begin NOW

  21. Get ready for Memorial Day Weekend with our top tees + shorts! 👕🩳

  22. EARLY ACCESS: Memorial Day Sale 🇺🇸

  23. It’s time to shop the Memorial Day Sale

  24. Reminder: 30% Off for Memorial Day

  25. Memorial Day Savings End Soon

Pro tip 💡

You’ve seen the examples, now read the guide! Take a look at our ultimate handbook for writing email subject lines that drive open rates.

Your spring email newsletter’s design should match the iconography of the season, whilst sticking to newsletter design best practices. To learn how to design emails like a professional, take a look at the gallery of our best Spring and Easter newsletter examples, designed with MailerLite!

Design examples to make inspiration bloom

The season of lambs, daisies, Easter eggs and pastels is upon us! Make the most of it by incorporating these top subject lines into your spring email marketing strategy. 

Remember: Spring email subject lines don’t need to be too clever or creative for higher open rates. The best email subject lines are relevant. Make it personal to your audience, and link it with your business, then sit back and watch your engagement metrics grow.

Are you ready to give your subject lines a spring clean? Let us know your favorite ones in the comments!

Editor's note: This article has been updated with new subject line examples for 2024.

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