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Jonas · 11 min read · Tips and resources · March 2, 2021

101 spectacular spring email subject lines to inspire your own

To quote the late, great Robin Williams: "Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's party!"

Email marketing mega-holidays like Christmas and Black Friday have passed. Maybe Valentine’s Day emails helped you get through the long winter. Now, it’s time for your spring email marketing campaigns!

It’s a great time to send newsletters, especially when your email campaigns coincide with the many spring events and holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day.

As with any busy email marketing season, inbox competition is fierce. One way to stand out is to start with a spring email subject line that speaks directly to your subscribers.

Spring subject lines don’t need to be too clever or creative to increase open rates. The most compelling factor and subject line best practice for improving opens is relevance.

To get you in the spirit of spring, we’ve compiled lists of winning spring subject lines for different events and holidays. We want your subscribers to open your email newsletters this spring.

Even if you’re on the other side of the map with a different season, you can still get inspired by these subject lines for the holidays (come rain or shine)! So, let’s get like the Easter Bunny and hop to it!

Before we get into specific spring events, we’re starting strong with general spring-themed subject lines that generated over 40% open rates for our customers. 

Subject lines for spring 🌻
  1. Put some sizzle into your spring!

  2. Woo-hoo! It's almost Spring, {$name}!

  3. Don't let ☔ weather get you down?! We have events, fundraisers, and upcoming springtime fun!

  4. Digital Spring Cleaning

  5. Is it Spring yet?

  6. New Spring Releases

  7. Spring (and rain...) is in the air.

  8. What screams spring to you?

  9. Spring late at your place too, {$name}

  10. What’s Blue and Screams Spring?

  11. {$name}, Good Things Come in Spring Packages!

  12. {$name}, spring back into the world a healthier you

  13. Spring success! What’s next? ????

  14. Spring Photo-therapy

  15. Spring is in the air (and so is the pollen)

  16. ☕ Spring + books = heart singing! ☕

  17. Spring is on the way…

  18. SPRING is not cancelled!


  20. Spring is in Full Bloom, {$name}!

  21. Spring has sprung! Let’s adventure!

st patricks email subject lines

Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to have fun with your emails. St. Pats doesn’t come with as much pressure as the bigger holidays. It’s a time to goof around and be more social. While there will be plenty of shamrock emojis in people’s inboxes, you’ll see from these subject lines that the best ways to get people excited are to celebrate the holiday by offering a gift, such as freebies, holiday ideas or special promotions.

Subject lines for St. Patrick's Day 🇮🇪
  1. ☘️☘️☘️ Lots a St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas for Your Celebration! ☘️☘️☘️

  2. Exciting News and St. Patrick's Day Music Lessons!

  3. FREEBIE! Saint Patrick's Day Printable Stickers

  4. A FREE St. Patrick's Day Activity for you {$name}

  5. Free St. Patrick's Day Silhouette Design: Who Needs Luck

  6. St Patrick's Day Sale!, 12% Off

  7. Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

  8. St. Patrick's Day Fun for the Whole Family!

  9. St. Patrick's Day Fun + Spring Inspiration

  10. 12 St. Patrick's Day Ideas to DIY this Spring

  11. A St. Patrick's Day Activity for you {$name}

  12. St. Patrick's Day Giveaway and Sneak Peek

  13. ☘️ Not the St. Patrick's Day Message I'd Planned to Send… ☘️

  14. It's St. Patrick's Day {$name}!

  15. Free St. Patrick's Day Printables

  16. 25+ Paleo St. Patrick's Day Recipes! ☘️☘️☘️

  17. EASY Homemade St. Patrick's Day Dinner Recipes!

  18. ⛳ ☘️☘️ Come out and enjoy St. Patrick's Day at Pheasant Ridge Golf Club . . .

easter email subject lines

Easter is another big-spending holiday.  In 2020, four out of five US adults planned to celebrate Easter—making it a great opportunity for email marketers to ramp up their Easter newsletters! You’ll see from our Easter email subject line list below, that your text doesn’t need gimmicks or eggs-quisite wordplay to be successful. These lines focus on personalization and giveaways (and egg hunts, of course)!

Subject lines for Easter 🐣
  1. What will the Easter Bunny put in your basket?

  2. Keto Easter Bunny Bringing You Keto Tips

  3. A Belated Easter Gift!

  4. Easter is Coming...And so are Some Other Cool Things!

  5. {$name} Wishing you a joyful Easter with two giveaways

  6. Happy Easter, {$name}. Coupon Inside!

  7. Let's get creative! Coolest DIY gift ever | Easter Fun

  8. Do you Dress up for Easter?


  10. {$name}, here is a little Easter treat from us!

  11. Who Wants a Free Box Set & Easter Freebies?


  13. Last-minute special: 40% off for Easter weekend

  14. An Easter Surprise For You

  15. Happy Easter! And some exciting news…

  16. Mindful Activities for Easter Holidays

  17. Make a cool 3D Easter egg card

  18. ✨ Wishing you the happiest Easter of all ✨

  19. ⚠️ The Easter SALE Ends Tonight!

  20. So egg-citing: an Easter present is waiting for you!

  21. No Easter egg dye at home? Try this instead

  22. Hoppy Easter ❣️

  23. ✂️ What's in your Easter Basket?! ✂️

memorial day email subject lines

In the U.S., Memorial Day is a holiday for remembering and honoring the people who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. From a marketing standpoint, it’s an opportunity for your brand to acknowledge the fallen and celebrate patriotism.

Subject lines for Memorial Day 🇺🇸
  1. Something to Think About on Memorial Day

  2. Memorial Day Treats and Stuff

  3. 15% Off Site-Wide Memorial Day Sale Starts Now For Instant Rewards Members!

  4. A red, white and blue dessert to make your Memorial Day DELICIOUS!

  5. ⚡ Memorial Day - FLASH Sale! ⚡

  6. Memorial Day Sale - Promo Code Inside

  7. Thank you for your service ❤ - Happy Memorial Day (Enjoy your Freebie on me!)

  8. CAN YOU SAY EPIC?! Amazing Memorial Day Sales happening!

  9. Do you need a FUN treat for Memorial Day that your kids will LOVE?


  11. ⭐ Memorial Day: Remember & Honor

  12. Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

  13. Keto Recipes for Memorial Day!

  14. Happy Memorial Day, {$name}!

  15. Don't forget to place your BBQ order! Memorial Day Special

  16. Be safe this Memorial Day {$name}

  17. Memorial Day Savings Exclusively for Military Members ⛳

  18. How I spent my Memorial Vacation⛰️

mothers day email subject lines

Mother’s Day is a great email marketing event. Yes, it’s a busy spending holiday, but let’s not forget the main reason—moms are the best. Make your campaigns all about moms and the rest will take care of itself. 

Subject lines for Mother's Day 💐
  1. [Freebie Friday] What? It's almost Mother's Day

  2. IMPORTANT: We've just extended the Mother's Day Sale by 24 hours!

  3. May your Mother be with you! Save up to $75 this weekend!

  4. An apology, an announcement, and a BIG Mother’s Day multi-author sale!

  5. How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

  6. It's Mother's Day ... relax with a freebie

  7. Recipes that will win your Ma's heart this Mother's Day!

  8. Psst... It's Mother's Day in less than a month!

  9. Are you ready for Mother's Day yet {$name}?

  10. 3 Last-Minute Mother's Day Ideas for March 11th

  11. Friday Freebie! Printable Mother's Day Cards ❤️

  12. {$name} What does Mother's Day mean to you?

  13. Shower Mummy with ❤ this Mother's Day

  14. Anyone thinking about Mother's Day yet, or is it just me?

  15. 25 Mother’s Day “Sweet Things” That Will Impress the Queen, Herself! Hail the Mom!

  16. {$name} This Mother's Day will be different

  17. ✨ You are a Mother Warrior ✨

  18. ❤️ Mother’s Day Special: Take 40% Off ❤️

  19. {$name}, discover the best ways to enjoy motherhood

  20. What Moms Really Want This Year For Mother's Day

  21. We believe in you! Happy Mother's Day!

Like every holiday campaign, your email newsletter design and content should incorporate some festive iconography of the holiday while sticking to newsletter design best practices.

Need an extra dose of inspiration? Check out our gallery of Spring and Easter newsletter template examples.

The season of lambs, daisies, Easter eggs and pastels is upon us! Make the most of it by incorporating these top subject lines into your spring email marketing strategy. 

To get some in-depth insights into crafting a subject line that generates the most opens, check out our ultimate guide below:

Are you ready to give your subject lines a spring clean? Let us know your favorite ones in the comments!

Editor's note: This article was originally published in March 2020. It has now been updated with new subject line examples for 2021.

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