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Your merriest guide to Christmas email marketing

Your merriest guide to Christmas email marketing

It’s the day after Halloween. You walk into a shopping center and then you hear it: Christmas music streaming from a loudspeaker. “Really? Already?” you think.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas, without a doubt, is one of the best times of the year for businesses around the world.

Your customers are already primed to buy during the holidays and all you have to do is set up the right strategy to turn their interest into sales.

There's no better way to win new customers than through email marketing. In previous years, email alone contributed to about 20% of all holiday sales. With 2019 holiday sales predicted to exceed a trillion USD for the first time, it's time to kick off your Christmas email marketing campaign right.

In this post, we're going to show you how to create a Christmas email marketing strategy to tap into that joyful holiday revenue stream.

Start by analyzing email campaigns of Christmas past

Before you create your Christmas email campaign, you first need to analyze past campaign data. The goal here is to learn as much as possible from past successes and failures so you can achieve greater results this year.

Looking at data from your previous holiday campaigns should reveal:

  • What products drove the most revenue last Christmas? You may want to offer them to your subscribers again this year.
  • Which promotions were most successful? Consider running something similar again.
  • Which customer groups brought in the most sales? Align your campaign to focus more on these groups.
  • Which Christmas campaign ideas failed? You might avoid using them this year or attempt to rework them if they seem viable or more relevant now.

The answers to these questions will better inform this year's marketing decisions and increase your campaign’s chance of success.

Why successful Christmas email marketing campaigns are a year-long effort

Email marketing runs on the quality of the relationship you've built with your subscribers. If you have an email list with a million subscribers, yet you haven’t formed a meaningful relationship with them, then it doesn't matter how big your list is.

You shouldn't wait until Christmas to reach out to your subscribers. That's a recipe for disaster because so many other brands are trying to get attention during that period.

To give your Christmas email campaign the best chance for success, you have to start early.

Your subscribers won't buy from the very first email you send them, but you can be top of mind so when they are ready to buy, they remember you. The more rapport you build with your subscribers before Christmas, the more successful your campaign will be.

Get the most out of the holidays by dividing your Christmas email campaign into 3 stages:

  1. Pre-Christmas: A few weeks before the Christmas period.
  2. Christmas: Christmas and the days surrounding it.
  3. Post-Christmas: A few weeks after Christmas.

Pre-Christmas email campaign

Christmas shopping can start early. Godaddy even recommends the first and second week of November as the best time to start sending your Christmas email campaigns. The pre-Christmas emails are a subtle way of keeping your brand and products at the top of your subscribers’ minds. You're trying to warm them up for what's coming on Christmas.

Pre-Christmas emails are usually in the form of:

Wishlists: A great way to gently hint at the upcoming holiday is to show your customers products they might be interested in so they can add it to their wish list for when Christmas arrives.

Here's an example of a wishlist from Hunting For George.

pre-christmas newsletter example

Gift guides: Pre-Christmas emails can also come in the form of gift guides. If you have a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are, then you can offer relevant product suggestions that match their interests.

Here's a Christmas email template with a gift guide from Canopy.

Christmas gift guide email example

Christmas email campaign

The season has finally arrived and if you started nurturing your subscribers with pre-Christmas emails then the next step is fairly straightforward. In fact, since you acted early and used personalized content to show your subscribers products that they're interested in, they most likely already have some of your products on their minds. This is when you go in for the sale.

One way to do this is by simply offering discounts. Discounts are synonymous with holiday promotions and you can bet all of your competitors are offering them too. Providing your customers with Christmas discounts on products they've already shown interest in is an easy way to encourage them to buy. And don’t forget to give them a chance to share these discounts with friends and family members.

Here is an example of a big Christmas discount offered by Configure IT.

christmas discount email example

Post-Christmas email campaign

Christmas might be over, but that doesn't mean your campaign is. The new year can also be profitable and you should take advantage of it. What you do in January can even set the pace for the rest of the year.

Start your post-Christmas emails with:

Discounts: Give even more discounts to consumers who purchased during your Christmas promotions. They might have liked a product or service enough to purchase it again. Or maybe there is something they had their eye on, but never bought or received as a gift. With the commotion of Christmas over, people have more ability to focus on items/services that would benefit them. Without your email reminder, they might have otherwise forgotten about them.

Here's an enticing post-Christmas email template including a discount from Leesa.

post-Christmas discount email example

Show appreciation: Remember what we said about email marketing and relationships? Thank your customers for their support and tell them what your company has planned for the year. You may even want to offer them a gift to show how much you appreciate them.

christmas customer appreciation email example

Share useful content: Don't just drop off until the next holiday season. Keep providing your subscribers with helpful content that delivers value: keep them updated on the latest developments in your company, share articles and even video content that can make their lives better.

Prezi does an excellent job of engaging their subscribers with a post-Christmas gift.

post-christmas gift email example

Create your Christmas email campaign now!

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Now that you know the overall strategy your Christmas email campaigns should follow, here are some excellent tips for getting the most out of every email you send.

1. Offer free shipping: You're not the only one trying to get your subscribers to buy during Christmas. The holidays are competitive for marketers, so you have to reduce every friction point that can stop consumers from buying—and shipping costs are a big one. If you sell physical products, offer free shipping.

2. Take advantage of segmentation: Segmented emails perform much better than non-segmented emails because the content your subscribers receive will be more relevant to them. Increased relevance leads to better performing email campaigns. You can choose to segment your subscribers based on gender, interests and even purchase history.

3. Write captivating email copy: Remember that people see tons of marketing messages during Christmas. The usual newsletter copy won't do it here; you need to go the extra mile with your Christmas email copy. The value you offer must be noticeable within the first few seconds. 

4. Optimize your emails for mobile: People are opening more emails on mobile phones than ever before. Mobile now accounts for 46% of all email opens and according to Google, over 40% of all online transactions are now done on mobile. You have to ensure that your emails are mobile responsive, so your subscribers get a smooth experience no matter what device they use.

5. Add sharing buttons: An easy way to get more exposure for your Christmas campaign is to let your customers become your promoters by adding simple share buttons to every email so they can tell other people about your offers. Don't overwhelm them with too many options either. Pick 3-4 platforms your subscribers are most active on and add social sharing buttons for those.

Infinity Nation adds 3 social share buttons to their email footer to give it even more reach.

christmas email marketing social sharing

6. Split test your campaign: One of the fastest ways to grow is through continuous experimentation. Testing your Christmas emails let you discover what works best and what doesn't so you can improve. You can A/B test everything from your subject line, headline, and even email content to see which variation performs better.

If you run your campaigns with MailerLite, you can test different parts of your email with ease. Our A/B testing feature will automatically detect the change that drives the most engagement and send that email to the rest of your subscribers.

7. Add urgency: Do you know what drives even more sales than a discount? A discount with a time limit. Most of us delay. We think we'll have time to buy something later, we might even bookmark the page, but then it's forgotten as soon as we close our browsers. Adding urgency to your email campaigns incentivizes people to take action quickly.

In this email, Harry's adds urgency by indicating that free holiday shipping ends in 2 days.

holiday email urgency example email marketing

P.S. You can easily add a countdown like this to your email using MailerLite's simple drag & drop editor.

There's 1 incredibly important part of your email to focus on and that's your email subject line.

Subject lines get people to open your email in the first place and if you fail here, then the rest of your email doesn't matter.

Remember that Christmas is competitive. Not only are your subscribers receiving a lot more marketing emails, but their inboxes are also filled with emails from friends and family.

You can almost say that the fate of your email campaign rests on your subject line. Your Christmas subject lines should intrigue your subscribers either by invoking curiosity, highlighting a real benefit or being drastically different. 

You can also experiment with emojis to catch the reader's eye. Emojis have the power to increase your open rate. You can test your subject line with an A/B test, where one subject line includes an emoji (or several) and the other doesn't. 

We've gone to the other side of the Internet and back to find some effective Christmas-themed subject lines to give you an idea what works.

Gift subject lines

Configure IT: We’ve got an early gift for you

LEGO: NEW LEGO® Star Wars™ sets and a free GIFT!

1973: Here’s a gift just for you…

Taco Bell: Happy Holidays! We made you a game! Want to play?

Prezi : Our little gift to you

Promotional subject lines

Tailor Brands: FREE Month of Unlimited Brand Design!

Frank Body: Babe, free shipping this holiday season

Vertical Response: Are your holiday cards in the mail yet? Get 60% off!

World Market: Ho-Ho-WHOA! 50% off Wine Gift Baskets + Holiday Food and Decor.

UberEATS: Brr – warm up with some free hot chocolate.

Topical subject lines

TWO: XmasHTreeMaiL

BarkBox: Dog people give the best gifts

Francis Lofts and Bunks: How many bunk beds can fit in Santa’s sleigh?

Shutterstock: Hand-picked images for the holidays

Apple: Give iPad. And put some fun under the tree.

Gift guides/lists subject lines

Eero: The Most WonderFi Guide of the Year

Trello: 12 Presents To Make You More Productive These Holidays

Tory Burch: Presenting: Tory’s Gift Guide

UGmonk: Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

Finish Line: The Holiday Gift Guide is here. Game on for gift giving.

So far we've talked about the importance of planning, and we've even given you some guidelines for making successful email campaigns.

Now we'll share examples of Christmas emails to show you some best practices.

Pre-Christmas email examples

Equa shows us how to get pre-Christmas emails right with this gift buying guide they send to their subscribers.

pre-christmas newsletter example

Christmas email examples

In this email, Tuleste uses a Christmas themed, interactive email plus a compelling discount to stay in line with the holiday spirit and remain relevant.

christmas interactive email example

MAINGEAR goes all in on their Christmas discounts to give more value to their subscribers for less.

christmas discount email example

Sometimes all you have to do is say thank you. That's what AviationCV did for all of their subscribers in this Christmas email.

christmas thank you email example

Post-Christmas email examples

Christmas might have been over, but Fandango kept the season of giving alive when presenting subscribers with a money-saving offer.

new year email example

In this email, Postable shows how much they appreciate their subscribers by giving them 20% off of their next purchase.

post-holiday email example

When you create your Christmas campaign, you don't need to start from scratch. Instead, you can pick one of the Christmas email templates and customize it to meet your marketing needs.

You can find the Christmas email templates when creating a new campaign in your account. Click on the tab labeled Template gallery and search for Christmas. 

christmas email templates

We’ve told you about the 3 stages of Christmas email marketing. Our early Christmas gift to you is: you don’t need to manually set up and send out each campaign. With an automated workflow, you can create your Christmas series, turn on the workflow and let our software take care of the rest.

Bring the Christmas spirit into your emails by using one of the Christmas templates from our template gallery. In the editor, you can adjust the template to your liking.

In this example, we’ll show you an e-commerce automation workflow example including 4 Christmas email campaigns.

Mid-NovemberWishlist or gift guideGift recommendations
3 weeks before ChristmasEarly giftDiscount or free shipping
1 week before ChristmasOn-time delivery reminderDeadline to purchase gifts with countdown
1 week after ChristmasEnd of yearSay thanks, recap the year or offer a discount
Automated Christmas email workflow

Final thoughts on your Christmas email marketing campaign

The Christmas season can be more than just merry and bright. It can be positively profitable when you approach it with a carefully thought-out strategy.

Just remember these key steps:

  • Start building interest early
  • Give your subscribers an offer they can't refuse
  • Thank and reward them

We'd love to know what you have planned for your subscribers this holiday season, so leave a comment below and enlighten us all! 

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Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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