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How Biovie gets 45% more email opens with a one-click MailerLite feature

Biovie founder Eric Viard uses several strategies to keep subscribers opening his emails. He sends valuable content about the vegan raw foods his brand specializes in, and he promotes regular offers that his customers love. 

He also uses MailerLite’s automatic resend feature to resend his newsletter to people who missed the first version. This second email is typically opened by 15% of recipients, meaning thousands of extra people see his content and offers. 

This brings more engagement, clicks, and is part of the reason why 90% of his limited-time offer sales come through email. Read on to hear more about why Eric switched to MailerLite and how he’s growing his business with email.

Biovie is an e-commerce store dedicated to vegan living food. It primarily sells to the French-speaking market, and Eric has built a strong community of over 50,000 subscribers who appreciate the business and the values they hold. The brand uses the following MailerLite features, among others.

Eric is no newcomer to email. He’s had a newsletter since 1999 when he ran a forum dedicated to vegan living food. Despite all the new channels that have become available since then, he finds that email is still the most effective. 

“I thought that because of social media, newsletters would become outdated, but it’s still the most appreciated media channel for our audience.”

Before switching to MailerLite, Eric used Mailchimp. He wasn’t looking for a new provider but decided to try the tool after a recommendation from another business owner.

After using both MailerLite and Mailchimp for a short period, he decided to switch all of his marketing to MailerLite for 3 main reasons:

  1. The lower cost

  2. The improved user interface

  3. How easy it was to connect his store using our integration 

“I tried MailerLite for a few weeks and discovered it was super easy to use. It's cheaper than other options and I found it easier to connect with my webshop.”

Eric uses Prestashop to power his store. The MailerLite integration brings several features to people who use this platform, including the ability to set up e-commerce automations, add product blocks to emails, and track e-commerce sales. 

It’s the last point that Eric finds especially useful, as it helps him measure the impact of his email marketing campaigns. 

“Because our store is connected with MailerLite, we know the sales made by the products we promote in the email. This was difficult in the old system.”

As a food store, Biovie has a major advantage: people who buy once often make repeat purchases. Email is the most effective channel for promoting new products to existing customers.

For example, Eric runs frequent short-term promotions on seasonally available fruit. He announces the offer in his newsletter and estimates that 90% of total purchases for these offers come from email subscribers.

Example of a Biovie fruit promotion
Source: Biovie

This is especially important as the perishable nature of these items means they need to sell quickly.  

“Every 2 or 3 weeks we sell fruits on a limited time release. 90% of the sales typically come through the newsletter. We sold about 5 tons of mangos with this strategy.” 

Not only is promoting his products in this way effective, but the fact that he already has his customers' email addresses also means he doesn’t need to spend a cent on ads to do so. 

Stats showing 90% of offer sales come via email and 5 tons of mango was sold in a recent promotion

Key to the success of these offers is ensuring that as many people see them as possible. Eric boosts the visibility of his campaigns with our auto resend feature that sends a second version of a campaign to people who didn’t open the first one.

When he uses this feature, the first version of the email goes out to his entire list on a Friday. At the beginning of the following week, the email is automatically resent to people who missed the initial send.

Resending the email produces a major visibility boost, around 45% more people open the email and see his content thanks to this feature.

Stats showing a 45% increase in open rate when using MailerLite's automatic resend feature

As Eric’s email list has over 50,000 people, the extra opens mean thousands more people see his message and offers, meaning more clicks and sales.

“The automatic resend feature brings a lot of extra opens. We have around a 25% open rate on the first send and around a 15% open rate on the second.”

The key to using this feature is the timing of the second email. You need to give people enough time to see and open the initial email before sending the second one. That’s why Eric sets the second email to go out 3 or 4 days after the initial send.

How to automatically resend emails

Just choose the campaign type Auto resend when creating your campaign. You can then choose to either resend the same campaign, change the subject line, or change the email content. Learn how to set up an auto resend campaign here.

A key part of getting consistent open rates is giving recipients value every time they hit open.

With this in mind, Eric adds plenty of non-promotional content to his newsletter. This includes sharing relevant news, videos, subscriber polls, recipes, and even books.

By sharing non-promotional content he can build stronger relationships with his subscribers that go beyond being simply transactional.

Newsletter screenshot showing event and product promotion
Source: Biovie

Biovie also uses the promise of exclusive content to encourage signups. Subscribers hear about promotions first, which is essential due to the limited nature of many of their promotions: If you aren't on the list, you might never get the chance to buy.

This week, we received only a small number of organic coconuts. We will promote these to newsletter subscribers first, and I bet the quantity will be exhausted before it's broadcast on social media.

He also brings a lot of value to the businesses that partner with him. Events he promotes are frequently packed with people from the Biovie newsletter.

Eric has 2 main plans for his email marketing strategy. The first is to create subscriber segments for new and old customers. Some of Biovie’s subscribers have been with him for 15 years. These people won’t benefit from the same content as someone who has recently joined his list.

The second is to convert more of the 60,000-plus people who visit his website every month into email subscribers. He plans to experiment with using pop-ups to promote lead magnets and offers related to specific website pages.

Head over to the Biovie website to discover more about the brand and its range of raw, vegan living foods.

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