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Auto resend

Resend unopened campaigns

Give your subscribers a second chance to open your newsletters with our auto resend feature. When your email contains important information, auto resend gives you that extra opportunity to connect.

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3 types of auto resend campaigns

The fastest way to create an auto resend campaign is to change the subject line and send the same content. For better results, change both the subject and aspects of the content. For maximum results, add a personal follow up note.

Select the rule when to resend your email

You can choose the rule to auto resend your email to subscribers who didn't open the original email or who didn't click any links for a specified period of time.

Automatically follow up with a personal note

Improve engagement by adding a personal message on top of your email. Your subscribers will appreciate the extra effort and will be more likely to interact with your brand.

Save time and reach more subscribers

Instead of pulling non-open reports, creating a new group and crafting another email, save tons of time using auto resend. Not to mention, you can reach up to 30% more subscribers when you resend emails automatically.

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