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How to resend a campaign to those who did not open the original

Resending your emails can increase your open rate by up to 30%. The easiest and most efficient way to resend a campaign to those who did not open the original is by creating an Auto resend campaign.

An auto resend campaign is like a regular campaign, except it automatically resends to subscribers who did not open it the first time. The second version of the campaign can have a different subject, come with a personal message, or even have completely different content.

Auto resend campaigns must be set up ahead of time. If you have already created and sent a campaign and wish to resend it, skip to instructions on how to manually resend a regular campaign.

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click Create campaign.

  3. Under Choose campaign type, select the Auto resend tab.

  4. Give your campaign a name (for internal use only).

Then, you can choose how you would like your second campaign to differ from the original. You can choose:

  • Campaign name - Give your campaign a name for internal use only.

  • Email subject - Your campaign will resend with a different subject.

  • Email subject and personal message - Your campaign will resend with a different subject and an additional personal message above the campaign body. This makes the re-sent version of your campaign appear to have been forwarded.

  • Email subject and email content - Edit the content of the campaign as well as the email subject. You can choose to make minor changes, or you can make the second version of the campaign entirely different from the original.

Once you have selected your auto resend settings, you can enter your email subjects for the first and second campaigns.

Note: Make the second email subject different from the first. Your subscriber didn’t open the first one, so try making the second subject something unique that will grab their attention.

Now that your subjects are created, enter your sender details and click Next: Content.

Now it’s time to create the content of your campaign. If you elected to change the second campaign content or to add a personal message; you can edit the second version by clicking the Edit B version button once you have finished creating your newsletter.

When you have made all the changes you would like to make, click Done editing.

Once you have created your campaign and selected its recipients, you can set your auto resend settings.

You can either resend the campaign to those who didn’t open it the first time, or to those who didn’t click any links in the first campaign.

Once you have decided on your settings, click Next: Review and confirm.

Finally, you can review, edit and confirm both versions of your campaign, both versions of your subject, your recipients and your auto resend settings before scheduling the campaign.

When scheduling your auto resend campaign, you can choose to send the first version now or later (like any regular campaign).

Then you can set up the schedule for the second campaign. You can either select to send it one day from now (useful if you are sending your campaign now).

Or, you can schedule a time and date for the campaign to resend.

When scheduling your second campaign to send late, ensure that there is a value entered in both the hour and minute fields.

Note: Your auto resend campaign will not send unless the second campaign is scheduled to send after the first campaign.

If you decide you do not want the second campaign to go out, and you would like to stop the auto resend:

  1. Navigate Campaigns.

  2. Go to the Sent tab.

  3. Click the View report button below the campaign name.

  4. Go to the Auto resend overview tab.

  5. Click the Stop auto resend button.

If you already created and sent a regular campaign, but still want to resend it to those who did not open it, you can do so with the following instructions:

  1. Navigate Campaigns.

  2. Go to the Sent tab.

  3. Find the campaign you want to resend and click Copy. A duplicate of your campaign will appear in the drafts folder.

  4. Click the title of your new draft campaign to open the Review and confirm page.

From here, you can edit the Subject, Content, and Recipients.

To choose only those who did not open the original campaign, click the Advanced tab.

Use the following filters:

Campaign > Was sent > [campaign name]


Campaign > Was not opened > [campaign name]

This way, you can use filters to select recipients based on which campaign was not opened.

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