Auto Resend Campaign

The Auto Resend Campaign will automatically send another email to your subscribers if they have not opened the first email, or they have not clicked a link in your first email.

There are two ways of creating an Auto Resend campaign. In the Campaigns area you can use the quick link from the “Create Campaign” dropdown. Or you can click “Create Campaign” and choose "Auto Resend Campaign" from the menu above.

Now you can choose the type of Auto Resend campaign you’d like to use. There are a few choices:

  • You can have the second email look exactly like the first one and just change the subject line. Just put the two subject lines below.
  • The second method allows you to change the subject line as well as add a personal message to the second email. It will look like the second email has been forwarded personally from you. The original content from the first email will appear under your personal message. You’ll be able to write your personal message right after you finish editing your first email.
  • The last method allows you to change the subject line and the whole email itself.

We’ll be choosing the last option. After we select our template for the first email, lets edit it and press “Done” when finished.

And now for the second email.

Choose the group that this campaign will be going to, and click NEXT. Here you can choose the rules for the second email. It can either go to the people who didn’t open your first email or it can go to the people who didn’t click any link in your first email.

Let's choose the second method and click NEXT. Now we will be able to review our whole campaign and used edit buttons to change anything we wish. When we are finished, let's continue by pressing NEXT.

The last option will be your standard controls for sending now or later, as well as when the second email will be sent. You can choose in 24h or a specific time and day. Based on that time, the emails go out to your users who did not open the first email or did not click any links.

When you’re done, click SEND.

After a set time, the first email will be sent to your chosen group. This campaign will move from drafts to sent. There you will be able to track any changes and see all the statistics. Just use the "View Report" button.