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How this busy SaaS content lead uses MailerLite for more effective marketing

Nicole Lee has a lot on her plate. Speaking to us from her hotel having just landed in Brazil, she explained her plans to balance sightseeing with managing content for the 4 brands she works with at The Remote Company.

With such a busy schedule, Nicole needs user-friendly tools that make it easy to implement advanced email marketing strategies quickly. That’s what she found with MailerLite. 

The easy-to-use interface was what initially stood out.

The UI is the selling point. MailerLite is more intuitive than other tools I’ve tried.
- Nicole Lee - Content Lead - The Remote Company

But it’s the tool’s advanced features that are helping her generate impressive results. These include using A/B testing to boost campaign open rates by 10% and click maps to guide a welcome sequence refresh that saw opens increase from 24% to 45.56%.

Read on to hear exactly how Nicole uses MailerLite to power her SaaS email marketing strategy.

Nicole manages content, including email marketing, for The Remote Company and its 3 software brands: 

  1. Partnership management and referral platform Partnero

  2. No-code website builder YCode

  3. HR management tool MyZenTeam 

She uses MailerLite for all aspects of each brand’s email marketing including newsletters, automations, subscriber management and email list growth. She also uses the tools to optimize the impact of her strategy at every step. 

How Nicole and The Remote Company use MailerLite

Newsletters are the core of many email marketing strategies. But their impact is limited by how many people read the emails. 

You have two options to increase newsletter visibility:

  1. Generate more subscribers

  2. Get more of your existing audience to read your message 

With MailerLite’s email subject line A/B testing feature, Nicole did the latter. She boosted open rates by an average of 10% on tested campaigns compared to those run without testing.

Graphic showing the average open rate of 37% vs open rate with A/B testing of 47%

Subject line A/B testing increases open rates by automatically sending emails with the most effective subject line out of multiple versions to your entire list. 

This increases the impact of the specific campaign, while also showing what types of messaging resonate with your audience: insight you can use across all channels.

Results page of an A/B test
Source: Partnero

Nicole tested several variables in her subject lines including the wording, adding questions, using emojis, and changing the tone of the communication. There were obvious winners in each test, although what’s effective can differ depending on the audience.

For the audience of The Remote Company newsletter, Nicole explained that “messages with emojis tended to perform better.” While for the Partnero newsletter, “those with an achievement-oriented tone generated the best results.”

Another way to boost open rates is to send messages when people check their inboxes. Get it right and your messages are more likely to be seen, opened and clicked on. 

Sending at the right time is hard when you have a global audience. Emails sent at 9 AM in London go out at 1 AM to those in LA. Our Send by timezone feature solves this problem by automatically sending emails at the same local time no matter where the subscriber is located. 

The Remote Company found that campaigns sent with the feature had an open rate of 51%, rather than the average of 37% on other campaigns. This engagement increase required nothing more than choosing the Send by timezone option from the campaign’s schedule page.

Graphic showing the average open rate of 47% and the average open rate with send by timezone of 51%

Nicole used email segmentation to boost the impact of Partnero emails and send targeted content to users.

She explained that she segmented their audience into “free trial users, full members, and people who have subscribed to the newsletter but never signed up for the tool.”

This allows her to send relevant content to each group. For example, she could send:

  • Product updates to users and free trialists

  • Free trial promotions to those who haven’t signed up

  • General partnership insights to everyone interested in the product

Campaigns that use segmentation have seen engagement boosts. Open rates and click-to-open (CTOR) rates increased up to 50% from an average of 35% and 9% respectively on non-segmented campaigns.

Graphic showing the increase in opens and clicks with segmentation

Targeted content also helps the team achieve very specific goals. For example, the company has a segment for people who haven’t logged into the app in a predefined period. 

By sending links to the dashboard and further resources to this group, they can increase the product use of people who were previously unengaged. 

79.7% of people who click on this email click on the dashboard reminder login, while a further 6.8% click on links to Partnero resources.

Marketing automation allows you to scale your marketing efforts to tens of thousands of customers (or more) without any more effort than is required for a single customer. The challenge is knowing what you need to make the automation useful. 

When Nicole started at Partnero, the brand already had an active welcome sequence. But with an open rate of 24% and a CTOR of 3.83%, it wasn’t performing at a high level. 

Nicole knew that to optimize the performance of this sequence, she needed to discover what types of content subscribers found helpful. 

MailerLite’s powerful email marketing analytics provided this insight. Using the click analytics and Click maps feature, Nicole can see exactly which elements subscribers click on in each email.

Screenshot showing MailerLite email click maps
Source: The Remote Company

This highlights both the content types people find useful and the CTAs they respond to. She can then use this insight when building future campaigns.

MailerLite makes it so easy to see what is being clicked on which is great. It’s like a heatmap for email marketing. You can see everything on a single screen. It’s super useful for CTAs and identifying helpful content.
- Nicole Lee - Content Lead - The Remote Company

Nicole was able to significantly improve the impact of these flows with this insight. Open rates on Partnero’s welcome campaigns almost doubled from 24% to 45.56%, while CTOR increased from 3.83% to 4.45%.

Graphic showing open rate and CTOR changes after redoing welcome emails

As the tools Nicole manages grow, so do their subscriber lists and email marketing needs. 

Going forward Nicole plans to continue optimizing the existing email marketing strategies of all 3 brands. She also wants to begin implementing strategies for specific customer groups, especially around the tool Partnero, which has multiple products with quite different use cases. 

You can follow along with the journey and learn about The Remote Company by visiting its website.

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