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Segmentation divides your subscribers into smaller audiences based on a set of characteristics that will help you deliver more targeted emails. Segment by location, age, behavior or whatever is most relevant to you.

Customize segments specific to your campaign needs

Create any type of audience that will help you send more targeted emails and meet your marketing goals. MailerLite automatically updates each segment as you grow your list. There are endless ways to segment.

By interests

You can segment based on your subscriber's interests and behaviors using our group (tagging) feature. By organizing subscribers by customizable groups, you can create segments that are completely tailored to your needs.

By email engagement

You can filter subscribers based on how active or inactive they are with your emails. Segmenting by engagement allows you to send nurturing emails to loyal readers and re-engagement emails to inactive subscribers.

By behavior using automation

When a subscriber clicks a link in your campaign, it can trigger an automation such as sending an email or adding the subscriber to a new segment. By placing link triggers within your emails, you can create new segments automatically. Link triggers can be used in a variety of ways to optimize your segments, messaging or even to identify where your subscribers are in their customer journey.

By signup form

You can segment subscribers based on where they signed up by using the hidden segmentation feature in our forms, pop-ups and landing pages. When you know where your subscribers came from, such as your blog or webinar, you can deliver more targeted content based on those channels.

By geography and time zone

Segmenting by geography (location) and time zone allows you to send emails at the optimal time for each market while delivering content that can be personalized by region.

By combining segments

Our subscribers management tool allows you to mix and match segments based on your needs. Combine subscriber fields to create new segments. You can also create custom fields to enhance your segmentation.

Add as many new fields as your heart desires, or your data allows. The more details you have about your subscribers, the easier it is to create highly-targeted segments.

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