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How to exclude subscribers from a campaign or an automation

You can exclude certain subscribers from receiving a campaign or from being triggered in a workflow. 

This means that the subscribers in the excluded group(s) or segment(s) will be ignored, even if they are duplicated in any other list that you select as a recipient or participant.

For example, you want to send a campaign to those who are in Group A, but you don’t want those who are in Group B to receive this campaign. Since some subscribers can be in both groups, you would select the option to exclude those who are in Group B. This means that everybody who is in both Groups A and B will not receive the campaign.

This feature will save you a lot of time by not individually choosing which subscribers you want to include or exclude.

In the Recipients page of a campaign, you can select the recipients using the Basic, Advanced or Legacy tab.

On the Basic or Legacy tab, you can exclude recipients by simply clicking on the text Exclude segment or Exclude group. Once a segment or group has been successfully excluded, you will see a red X mark by its name. The new number of recipients will also be updated at the bottom.

On the Advanced tab, you can exclude subscribers in a more specific and flexible way by setting up different conditions or filters. 

For example, if you want to exclude subscribers from a specific time zone and those who are not active in a specific automation, you can set up the filters:

Time zone > Is not > GMT+10:00 and Automation workflows > Not active in > [name of workflow]

As you can see, you have a lot of different ways to exclude subscribers, not just by groups or segments, but also by any other condition that’s applicable.

It’s possible to only exclude subscribers from a workflow with the trigger when a subscriber joins a group. This means that this feature is not applicable to any other type of workflow.

In the workflow’s editor on the right-hand sidebar, in the Subscriber group section, click on the link Exclude to bring up a list of all existing groups. 

Select the group(s) which you want to exclude from being triggered in the workflow, even if the subscribers in it are part of the main workflow group. 

Click on Select and save these settings before completing and activating the workflow.

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