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How to create and schedule a campaign

A campaign is a regular, stand-alone newsletter that you can send to your selected subscribers. If you would like to set up an automated email sequence, check out this automation overview instead.

There are different types of campaigns to choose from including regular campaigns, RSS campaigns, Auto-resend and A/B split test.

To create a campaign, navigate to Campaigns and click Create campaign.

To select a particular campaign type, click the downward-facing arrow.

For more information about different campaign types, watch this quick overview.

On the next page, you can also change your campaign type using the tabs beneath the heading Choose campaign type.

Note: The campaign type can’t be changed once the campaign is created. If you need to change the campaign type, you can create a new email and select your recent draft as a template.

This is also the page where you select the following settings:

  • Campaign name - For internal use only. It will not show up to your subscribers.

  • Subject - This text will be displayed in the Subject field of your recipient's email client.

  • Who is it from? - Here you enter the text that will be displayed in the From field of your recipient’s email client. We recommend that you use your own domain email and name, such as Avoid emails like

  • Language - This is the language of your newsletter. The language you choose here will also be used on your unsubscribe page.

Note: You can revisit the Subject and sender page any time to edit the Subject, Sender, or Language by navigating to the Drafts tab and clicking the title of your campaign.

Next, choose the editor with which you’d like to create your campaign.

You can also use the tabs beneath the heading Email design to create your campaign using:

  • Your own templates

  • Predesigned templates from the template gallery

  • Recent emails from your Sent folder, Drafts folder, or automation workflows

When reusing recent emails, you can toggle to view your latest drafts, sent campaigns, and automation emails. You can then select one of those campaigns to create a new newsletter.

If you would like to create a new campaign, you can select from the Drag & drop editor, Rich-text editor, Legacy rich-text editor, or Custom HTML editor (premium plans).

When creating a new campaign, we recommend using the Drag & drop editor. Using the Drag & drop editor is not only the easiest way to create a newsletter, but it also provides a lot of simple ways to customize your campaign and make it unique.

Take a look at our newsletter gallery for examples of how other users create their campaigns using the Drag & drop editor.

Once you have finished editing your campaign, click Done editing. Then you will be directed to the Recipients page.

Here, you can select which groups and/or segments you want to receive this campaign.

To include a group or segment, checkmark the box next to the group/segment’s name. To exclude a group or segment, click the Exclude group/segment button.

A public URL to preview your newsletter can be shared with other people who do not have access to your account. This URL leads to a web version of your campaign that your friends or colleagues can review.

To find the public URL to preview your campaign:

  1. Open your campaign in the campaign editor.

  2. Click the Review and test button in the top-right corner.

  3. Select Preview mode.

In preview mode, you’ll see a URL in the top-left corner. Click Copy to copy and share your campaign's preview URL.

You can also find the Public URL on the Review and confirm page by clicking the green Preview button.

To select recipients using advanced options, click the Advanced tab.

Here you can select recipients using filters. For example, the advanced option comes in handy when you want to send your campaign to:

  • A single subscriber - Choose the filters Fields > Email > Equals > (subscriber’s email address)

  • Subscribers who did not open a previous campaign - Use the filters

    Campaigns > Was sent > [name of the campaign]


    Campaigns > Was not opened > [name of the campaign]

To select subscribers using the old subscriber management tool, click the Legacy tab.

Here you can select recipients only by Group.

Once you have selected your recipients, click Next: Review and confirm.

Once on the Review and confirm page, you can:

  • Edit the Subject and sender info

  • Preview and Edit your campaign’s content

  • Preview and Edit the plain-text version

  • Send a test email to preview your campaign’s layout

  • Edit your campaign’s recipients

When you are satisfied with your campaign’s content and settings, click Next: Schedule.

When you reach the scheduling step, you have three options for sending your campaign:

  • Send now - Immediately send your campaign

  • Send later - Set up a schedule to send your campaign at a specific time

  • Deliver based on time zones - Schedule your campaign for a selected time in all time zones

When scheduling a campaign for later, you must select the following details:

  • The date on which your campaign will be sent

  • The time at which your campaign will be sent

  • The time zone for which you’re scheduling your campaign

If you are scheduling an RSS campaign, your scheduling page will have some additional settings.

If you would like to enable Google Analytics, check the box to use Google Analytics link tracking to track clicks from your campaign.

Once you have selected when you would like to send your campaign, and whether or not you would like to enable Google Analytics, click Send/Schedule.

Once scheduled, your campaign will appear in your Outbox until it is sent. Once sent, it will appear in your Sent folder.

If you wish to cancel your campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click the Outbox tab to find out outgoing campaigns.

  3. Click the Cancel button next to the campaign you do not wish to send.

Note: If the campaign is not in the Outbox tab and is now in the Sent tab, it's not possible to cancel it.

To duplicate a draft campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  3. Click the Copy button next to the campaign you wish to duplicate.

A copy of the campaign will appear in the Drafts tab.

To duplicate a sent campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click the Sent tab.

  3. Click the Copy button next to the sent campaign you wish to duplicate.

A copy of the campaign will appear in the Drafts tab.

Once a sent campaign has been copied to drafts, you can edit and resend it to your subscribers.

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