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How to use internal campaign names/email names

Campaign name will appear for all emails by default, though you have a chance to choose which option is more convenient for you and display only Campaign subject or Campaign name in your account.

Campaigns that were created before this feature was released will automatically have their Campaign name fields pre-filled with their subject lines.

When you create a newsletter or automation email in MailerLite, you will be prompted to enter a Campaign name/Email name as well as a Subject.

Your Campaign name/Email name is a name you give your campaign for internal use only. The Subject refers to the subject line that subscribers will see in their inboxes.

If you often send newsletters with similar subjects, you can give your campaigns different names, making it easier to identify and organize them in your campaigns folder. Subscribers won’t be able to see your Campaign name/Email name.

To change the Campaign name of an existing draft:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  3. Find the campaign you wish to rename and click Edit.

Note: Internal campaign names can’t be changed once a campaign has been sent.

To change the Campaign name of an existing automation email:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page.

  2. Select the automation containing the email you’d like to name.

  3. Click the email you’d like to name.

  4. In the sidebar, enter a campaign name for your email.

The email preview in your workflow editor will display your Email name.

If you choose to create a Campaign name that differs from your Subject, note that the filtered search in your Subscribers tab will display the Campaign name instead of the Subject.

By searching in the Campaigns tab, can find a campaign either by the Campaign name or Campaign subject, and it is a great way to find any campaigns you have in MailerLite.

If you use campaign templates, changing your Campaign name will not affect your Template name.

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