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MailerLite's sending speed

Our system is set up to send millions of emails per hour, but other factors are taken into consideration when it comes to the speed an email is sent and delivered.

Some of these factors include:

  • Email providers receiving traffic into their server - Email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Cox, and Apple get millions upon millions of emails sent to their servers every hour. Some of these emails may be deferred by these providers, meaning that they won’t immediately accept the email into their servers, which postpones deliveries to the subscribers’ inboxes.

  • Inbox placement - Your email may not always land in the main inbox folder. It could also land in the Promotions (Gmail) or Spam folder. See How to avoid spam filters and reach the inbox for more information on how to improve your deliverability. Or test where your campaign will land with the Inbox Placement testing tool.

  • Subscriber activity - Email providers check how many subscribers open, click, bounce, unsubscribe, etc, from the emails you send. If you want to clean your email list, use an email verification tool like MailerCheck.

Because these factors are out of our control, we can’t determine the exact amount of minutes or seconds it takes for your email to be delivered. However, we are always optimizing our servers to send your email as fast as possible from our side.

If you feel that your campaign is taking a lot of time to be sent after you’ve clicked the Send button, do not be alarmed. Your campaign will be sent, so please do not resend the campaign. If you resend, your subscribers may end up receiving the same email more than once, which could be classified as spam.

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