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How to build a responsive newsletter

All of the newsletters built in our Drag & drop editor and Rich text editor are automatically responsive. This means that your newsletter will automatically resize for all devices including desktop and mobile.

You can also create your own template and upload your HTML code using our custom HTML editor, which is only available for premium users. Please note that your HTML code should include responsive coding to make your newsletter responsive.

It is essential to have a responsive email design so that the reader has the best experience reading your newsletter.

Responsive email design is built using media queries. There are different mail applications and not all of them support media queries on mobiles. Here's the list of popular mail applications and an evaluation of their responsive design support.

Email client IOS Android
Native client
Gmail app
Inbox by Gmail app
Yahoo Mail app
Outlook app
Mail.Ru app
Yandex.Mail app

It is possible to preview the mobile view of your newsletter in both our Drag & drop editor and Rich text editor.

To check how your newsletter will be displayed on mobile devices, click on the Preview and Test button on the top header of the drag & drop editor, and then click Preview mode.

Last time edited: Sep 23, 2021