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How to use the rich-text editor

To access your Rich-text editor, go to Campaigns and click the Create Campaign button. Once there, create a name for your campaign and fill in the other details. Then, click Next: CONTENT.

You’ll find the different Editors available to you:

  • Drag-and-drop editor

  • Rich-text editor

  • Legacy rich-text editor

  • Custom HTML editor

Choose the Rich-text editor option and you’ll be taken to the main editor. Now you can start creating your emails however you’d like them.

Adding text

Sending rich-text emails is super easy to do thanks to our inline editor. Just write something up and whenever you hit enter the new paragraph will be converted to a text block.

As you start typing, you’ll notice 2 light grey icons appear on the left side of your text. The + icon gives you the option to add new elements such as:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Signature

  • Divider

The other icon allows you to drag the elements around and rearrange them to your preference.

Adding images

To add an image, click the + icon and then click on Image. An image block will appear with an image icon in the center. Click it and you’ll be taken to your File Manager where you can upload a new image or select an existing one. You also have other image settings available to you like changing the alignment of your image and adding Alt Text to it.

When you highlight something you’re editing in the rich-text editor, you’ll see a menu bar appear on the top of what you are highlighting. This menu bar includes the following text formatting options:

  • Add HTML code

  • Change style format (normal text, headings)

  • Bold text

  • Make text italic

  • Underline text

  • Create a list

  • Add hyperlink

  • Change text size

  • Align text

  • Add variables

You also have the following block features available (found on the top right of the highlighted section):

  • Delete Block

  • Duplicate Block

  • Add dynamic content

Any block can include dynamic content, from a short paragraph to an image block. If you don’t already know about the power of dynamic content, we recommend you check this article.

Adding a signature

The signature block allows you to add your name, other details and a small profile picture.

Adding a divider

The divider block enables you to break up your text and structure it.

On the top in the black-colored menu, you can see and revert your recent changes and version history by clicking on the Arrow icon. If you don’t want to do anything, just click anywhere outside of the pop-up.

Next, you’ll see Actions, which lets you save as a template. Lastly, you’ll have the Preview and test option, where you can copy the preview URL, check your desktop and mobile view and send a test email.

To learn more, you can read this article which explains how to use the rich-text editor.