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Everything about test emails

Want to see what your newsletter looks like before you send it out to all your subscribers? You can! With a Test email, you can send a preview to yourself (or a colleague) to review the layout and content of your newsletter.

When you create a new campaign and you click Done editing, you are brought to the Review and confirm page.

Under Content, there is a button labeled Send test email. Click it and enter the email address to which you’d like to send the test email.

You can also send a test email from within your campaign editor by clicking the Preview and test button in the top right corner.

If you’ve already created your campaign, you can navigate to the Review and confirm page by navigating to the Campaigns page followed by the Drafts tab, and clicking on the title of your campaign.

Your test email will appear in your inbox with the label [TEST] included in the subject line.

Open your workflow editor and click the email step you’d like to test. Then, in the sidebar, click the Send a test email button.

Note: This is only testing the email step by sending a test version of that email to yourself or your colleague. To test your whole automation workflow, you must trigger the workflow yourself.

Test emails are for previewing the layout and content of your campaigns. This means that test emails don’t have the full functionality of a regular campaign.

For this reason, neither the Unsubscribe nor the Forward links will work in a test email.

You will also find that Survey blocks don’t function in test emails. Surveys are only functional in the final sent version of the campaign. If you wish to test a survey, simply duplicate your draft campaign and send it to yourself as a regular campaign instead of a test email.

It’s not uncommon for test emails to land in your spam folder. This is due to the additional [TEST] label in the subject line.

To properly test the deliverability of your email, we recommend that you duplicate your draft campaign and send it to yourself as a regular campaign.

Note: If you have already sent yourself a test email, and then you send yourself a regular campaign; the regular campaign may land in the same thread as the test email in your inbox. This may cause it to appear as though your regular campaign sent with the [TEST] label in the subject line when it did not.

We also recommend that all users authenticate their domain to maximize deliverability.

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