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Tips on how to improve your deliverability

Your deliverability depends on many factors such as your sender reputation, the quality of your subscriber list, and the quality and quantity of the emails you send. 

To make sure that your deliverability is the best it can be and your subscribers always receive your emails, take a look at our blog post on How to improve email deliverability for more thorough information on the subject.

Some tips that you can consider if you want the best deliverability are:

  • Validate your email list  - This is done to check if the email addresses on your list are still active and valid. Sending campaigns to invalid email addresses will lead to hard bounces, which will negatively affect your deliverability. Old databases or lists (more than two years old) are the most vulnerable to hard bounces. You can use MailerCheck to validate your subscriber list, or you can check out other email validation tools.

  • Only import active subscribers - If you’re importing a subscriber list from a different email marketing provider, make sure to only import the active email addresses and not those who unsubscribed, bounced, and marked your emails as spam. You can consult with one of our experts when migrating your data to MailerLite.

  • Remove inactive subscribers - These are uninterested subscribers that haven’t opened any of your campaigns for a specific period of time. It’s not recommended to have them on your list because they affect your deliverability. We have a feature that cleans your list from inactive subscribers for you. You can also use the Time inactive filter on the Subscribers page. 

  • Tell your subscribers how often you’re going to send them emails or let them choose - If you send too many emails to subscribers who aren’t that interested, they may report your emails as spam. You can ask them about the frequency of emails they want to receive in a survey campaign or in a sign-up form by using interest groups

  • Protect your subscriber list from fake subscribers - Sign-up bots are known for attacking a sign-up form with multiple fake subscribers. You can use reCAPTCHA technology and double opt-in to protect your forms and list.

  • Make it easy to unsubscribe - You are obligated to include at least one visible and clear unsubscribe link on the email. The unsubscribe rate doesn’t affect your deliverability, unlike spam reports. If your subscribers cannot see the unsubscribe link, they are more likely to report your email as spam and your account may be terminated. You can add as many unsubscribe links as you want. Take a look at How to build highly effective unsubscribe pages for inspiration.

  • Do not use link shorteners - Instead, add the full and original link. Even though it might not look as nice, link shorteners are often used by phishers, so your subscribers’ spam filters may reject or send your email straight to the spam or junk folder.

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