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Save over $500 in discounts with a MailerLite Advanced plan

Welcome to MailerLite's exclusive marketplace offering Advanced plan users special savings on some of the world's best business tools.

15% off Google Workspace

Empower your team with Google Workspace, a suite of tools that combines all of Google's familiar productivity and collaboration tools and makes them better for businesses. It's a one-stop solution for email hosting, calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more Google services.

Advanced plan users can get an exclusive discount of 15% off the first year of the annual Standard Business Plan.

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2 Months free with Make Pro

Automate and optimize your business operations with Make (formerly Integromat), an advanced online automation platform that enables you to automate manual processes involved with running your business without writing a single line of code. With Make, you can connect your favorite apps and services without programming skills.

MailerLite users can get 2 months free on their annual Pro plan.

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2 months free of Adobe Express Premium

Accelerate your design process with Adobe Express. Effortlessly create graphics, web pages, and videos for quick, creative projects. Sync images directly with MailerLite to eliminate exporting and re-uploading hassle. Keep your visuals up-to-date and perfectly tailored to your email campaigns.

Advanced plan holders get a 2-month free extended trial after entering a valid credit card.

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2 Months free with HelloCustomer by Moogento

Create ultra targeted marketing using Magento data by integrating your store with HelloCustomer. The tool gathers 50+ customer data points and sends them via integration to MailerLite. You'll unlock data-driven insights, boost revenue, and streamline your e-commerce marketing strategy.

All MailerLite Advanced plan customers can try HelloCustomer free for two months.

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First month free on a Basic or Premium MailerCheck plan subscription

Ensure your emails reach the inbox with MailerCheck, a comprehensive email verification service that helps reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation, and increase deliverability. MailerCheck ensures your emails make it to your subscriber's inbox by verifying and cleaning your email lists.

Advanced MailerLite users get an exclusive offer of one free month when you purchase any premium plan.

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15% off any monthly MailerSend plan

Make the most out of every customer interaction with MailerSend, an advanced transactional email service for businesses of all sizes. MailerSend is designed to help you send, track, and monitor transactional emails, ensuring timely communication with your customers and stakeholders. It integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, so you can send transactional emails directly from your software.

MailerLite users get an exclusive discount of 15% off the first year of any monthly plan.

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30% off any Partnero plan

Partnero is a powerful tool enabling businesses to manage and streamline their affiliate marketing efforts. From affiliate management to influencer marketing, Partnero helps scale your partnerships effectively. If you've been considering kicking your affiliate marketing strategies into high gear, this Partner discount is a great place to start.

MailerLite users get 30% off the first year of any paid plan.

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25% off OnePageCRM

Unlock the power of OnePageCRM, a robust and user-friendly CRM trusted by small businesses in 80+ countries. Integrate OnePageCRM with MailerLite to centralize interactions, contacts, emails, follow-ups, sales, and campaigns for seamless business management.

Save 25% on the first two months of any monthly OnePageCRM subscription.

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I've been a MailerLite user for four years now. It is one of the best digital platforms/products/services I have ever purchased. The interface is intuitive, the final product is always slick and clean, and the customer service is hands-down the best online customer service experience I've ever had.

Alison M Owner, Goodschooling

Discount FAQs

How do I qualify for these partner tool discounts?

Purchase/upgrade to a MailerLite Advanced plan.

How do I redeem these discounts?

Advanced plan users can claim the offer by hitting the Get the discount button below the relevant deal and entering their details in the form. We’ll then review your request and send the code straight to your email address.

Those on a Free or Growing Business plan can get immediate access to the deals by upgrading to an Advanced plan.

How long are these partner tool discounts valid?

All discounts are one-time use and come with their own terms as set by our partners, please check the terms for each offer in the email sent to you upon request.

Can I use multiple partner tool discounts simultaneously?

Yes! Each offer is redeemable one time per product, but you can use any and all offers available.

Are the partner tool discounts applicable for existing MailerLite customers?

Yes! If you already hold an Advanced plan you can access the offers on this page.

Is there any additional cost for accessing the partner tool discounts?

Nope! All you need to do to be eligible for the offers is purchase/upgrade to an Advanced plan.

What if I'm already using one of the partner tools? Can I still get a discount?

Some of the offers are only redeemable for first-time purchases of our partner tools. Please check the terms for each offer in the email sent to you.

Are the partner tool discounts transferable to others?

The offers are only available to Advanced plan account holders, and are not transferable to others.

Are there any limitations to the partner tool discounts?

There may be some restrictions for redeeming the offers provided by our partners, such as geographical restrictions or usage limits.

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