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Refer a friend, get $$$. Join our referral program!

· 6 min read · Updates · Oct 6, 2021
Customer success experts Nicole and Marta catching up in Naples.

The secret to living is giving—share MailerLite with your friends and they’ll get a $20 credit when they sign up!

And you could earn yourself some credit too. 

That’s right—in case you haven’t heard, MailerLite has its very own referral program—you can start earning every time you recommend us to a friend.

Do you like or, dare we say, love MailerLite? Our super simple Refer a Friend program allows you to share that love with your friends. You’ll bag them $20 of credit to get started with and an additional $20 of credit for yourself every time one of your referrals upgrades.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Credits will automatically be applied when you buy or upgrade your MailerLite plan. Up to 50% of the total cost can be covered by credits. The other 50% has to be paid in real money. If your credits exceed the limit, they will be saved to be applied to the next payment.

MailerLiters love our Refer a Friend program! Tons of MailerLite advocates have helped their friends amp up their email marketing and are reaping the rewards as a bonus. 

In the past 3 months, referrals have resulted in just over one new upgraded customer per day.

Averages per day:

Invitations: 27

Signups: 11

Upgrades: 1

41.3% of invitations sent result in signups, of which 9.6% upgrade their account. 

And don’t worry—there is absolutely no commitment or need to go through any application process (this is not an affiliate program, more on that down below). All you need to do is share MailerLite via your unique referral link.

You can access the Refer a Friend page via the Refer a Friend text at the bottom of the left sidebar in your main dashboard.

Click the text and you will be taken to the Refer a Friend dashboard.

There are two ways to invite your friends:

  • Invite by email—just enter your friends’ emails and we’ll send them an invitation.

  • Share your link—you get a unique link that you can give to your friends, put on your website or post on social media.

refer a friend program - invite friends - MailerLite
Source: MailerLite

When a new user visits the MailerLite website via your Refer a Friend link and signs up (within 30 days from the first visit) our system instantly identifies your referral. The user will get a $20 credit immediately and you will be rewarded with a $20 credit as soon as they upgrade to a paid plan.

Stats and history

In your Refer a Friend dashboard you will see which of your friends signed up, who upgraded to a paid plan and how many credits you have earned. You'll also see an overview of your refer-a-friend activity.

refer a friend program - track results - MailerLite
Source: MailerLite

Watch the video below to see the entire process in action!

First, think of your friends who are running a business or work in marketing. More than likely they already do some email marketing and MailerLite could be a better and more affordable solution for them. Your recommendation will be much appreciated!

MailerLite can be used in many other cases. If your friend belongs to an organization, a club or just writes a blog, they could benefit from MailerLite. Even if they have no interest in upgrading, they might find the free plan is the ideal solution for them—sharing is caring!

You may have heard of our affiliate program—this is not to be confused with Refer a Friend. With the MailerLite Affiliate program, users can apply to become affiliates and receive benefits such as commission, promotional assets and partner support. Learn more about the MailerLite Affiliate program.

The Refer a Friend program is quick and easy to join and requires no application process or commitment. Simply share your unique referral URL or invite friends by email and that’s all there is to it. It will allow you to give the gift of MailerLite and potentially earn credit to use for your own account too.

To start referring friends, head over to the MailerLite app to retrieve your referral link or invite by email. 

Have you referred any friends to MailerLite? Or perhaps you yourself joined by referral. Let us know in the comments!

Amy Elliott
Amy Elliott
I’m Amy, Content Writer at MailerLite. As a child, I dreamt about writing a book and practiced by tearing pages from an A4 notepad and binding them with sugar paper. The book is pending but in the meantime, I’ve found a passion for telling a different kind of story-the brand story-by writing fun, valuable, human content.