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Dedicated IP

Take control of your sender reputation and email deliverability by owning a dedicated IP that is only associated with your website.

What is a dedicated IP?

In email marketing, the IP address comes from your email marketing provider, which hosts several companies on one email server. A dedicated IP means that you use a private IP that is only associated with your sender address.

More control over deliverability

Instead of sharing the same sender IP with several other companies, your private IP gives you command of your sender reputation. Deliverability quality is based on your email practices alone.

Get whitelisted

Dedicated IP addresses are ideal for high-volume senders who email corporate domains that are required to whitelist your IP address before you can send them emails regularly.

Everything managed by MailerLite

Your dedicated email server, complete with a unique static IP address, is always ready to go. Our team handles all the technical details, set-up and maintenance so you can focus on your email campaigns.

Who needs a dedicated IP?

High-volume senders need to invest in their sender reputation and take control of their deliverability. If you are sending 50,000 or more emails on a weekly basis, you should consider it.


Dedicated IP

Dedicated IPs can improve your deliverability by isolating your sending reputation. Highly recommended if you’re sending at least 50,000 emails per week.

$ 50 /month

How to get a dedicated IP address

Contact us to learn more and place an order.