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Dedicated IP

Own a unique IP address

Take control of your sender reputation and increase email deliverability! Enjoy the perks of adding on an IP that’s dedicated only to you.

What is a dedicated IP?

In email marketing, IP addresses are provided by the email tool, which hosts several companies on one email server. With a dedicated IP, you use a private IP that’s only for your sender address.

Control your own deliverability

Instead of sharing a sender IP and being affected by the email practices of other companies, a private IP gives you full control over your sender reputation and deliverability quality.

MailerLite takes care of everything

Your dedicated email server with its unique static IP address is always ready to go. Our team handles all the setup, maintenance and all technical details, while you focus on your campaigns.

Whitelist when sending high volumes

Dedicated IPs are great for high-volume senders! When emailing corporate domains, it can be required to whitelist an IP before you’re able to send emails regularly.

Who needs a dedicated IP?

High-volume senders that sent 50,000 or more emails on a weekly basis are advised to invest in their sender reputation and take control of their deliverability.

Interested in a dedicated IP?

Great, let’s get you set up! Get in touch below so we can start preparing your unique IP address.