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Custom unsubscribe page

Build your unsubscribe page

More than just goodbye: Use the unsubscribe page builder to customize the message, encouraging people to connect through other channels, resubscribe, or simply part ways on a positive note.

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Build in minutes with drag and drop

Effortlessly customize your unsubscribe page with images, text, video, social buttons and more using the pre-built design blocks.

Design exactly how you want

Tailor every element of your unsubscribe page design including colors, fonts, sizing, spacing and sidebar.

Prevent accidental unsubscribes

Add a resubscribe button to your unsubscribe page design so people can easily rejoin your email list if they made a mistake.

Reduce unsubscribes with email preferences

Subscribers don’t have to completely unsubscribe. Let them choose preferences by providing content topics or frequency options, such as weekly or monthly emails.

Learn why readers leave

Add an unsubscribe survey to learn why people leave and adjust your strategy for higher retention. Collect answers from the pre-built survey or let subscribers provide their own reason.

Remind people why they signed up

Take subscribers for a walk down memory lane with a preview of past newsletters. Use the newsletter archive block to remind them of the value you offer and have them reconsider their decision.

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