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Social media emails done right (how to embed social posts and events)

Social media emails done right (how to embed social posts and events)

Social media is a powerful platform for running your online business. So is email marketing. Together, they can create fireworks. So why not combine their forces?

Depending on your industry, it’s very likely that your business has a social media account (or several). Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, posting on these channels helps to keep your brand top-of-mind and can generate word-of-mouth publicity. The more you post, the higher your potential reach.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the algorithm-free marketing channel that lets you talk directly to your customers.

Together, they make a powerful duo.

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to embed social media posts in your email campaigns to create engaging and interesting content.

If you thought you need to link your social media posts to feature them in your email campaigns, we’ve got a pleasant surprise. In MailerLite, you can directly embed Facebook posts and events, Instagram posts and Tweets in your email. And it’s ridiculously easy.

Once you’ve created a new campaign and are in the editor's view, look for the social media content block. Once you’ve dragged the block to the preferred place in the newsletter, you can add the URL of the post you’d like to embed (as long as it’s a public one). Our software will automatically display the content in your newsletter.

Embed a Twitter post in your email

To embed tweets in email, take the post URL from any public Twitter feed and copy-paste it in the sidebar. Once you paste the URL and click the green button, MailerLite will automatically fetch the content from the post. Almost all public Twitter posts can be added to the newsletter.

Twitter post embedded in email

Embed a Facebook post or event in your email

This social media block allows you to embed a post from a public Facebook page into your email. It’s important to note that you can't add posts from personal accounts. Take the post URL from the Facebook page feed and then copy-paste it in the sidebar.

Facebook post embedded in email

For Facebook events, you first need to install the Facebook integration. Once you are connected, you can insert your Facebook event (as long as you are the admin of the event). 

Facebook event embedded in email

Embed an Instagram post in your email

For embedding an Instagram post in your newsletter, you also copy the URL and paste it in the sidebar field. You won’t need any integration to embed Instagram posts into your email.

In this video, Marcin will explain how to embed social media posts and events into your emails

Many businesses maintain different strategies for different channels. Their Instagram account might show more visual and easy-to-digest posts, while their Facebook focuses on behind the scenes content and Twitter is where all the customer interactions take place.

Let’s say you’re introducing new employees via your Facebook channel. Instead of manually copying the image and text, you might as well directly embed the Facebook post in your newsletter. This saves you time and allows subscribers to add a like or comment directly.

You can also embed social media posts in emails to:

  • Announce a giveaway
  • Share an event date and boost RSVPs
  • Invite subscribers to follow your page
  • Share customer testimonial Tweets
  • Insert a tweetable quote that readers can easily repost

The email below shows how customer Natasha from Social Cultural embeds Facebook posts in emails. The large content block is far more inviting to follow her on social media than the smaller icons underneath.

Social Cultural email example with social media posts

Apart from embedding social media blocks in your emails, don’t forget to motivate your subscribers to follow your social endeavors too. The social icons in your newsletter won’t create a mind-blowing difference. But it’s always a good idea to include them especially since they’re so easy to add and small enough to smoothly integrate into your layout.

The footer is the most common spot to add your social icons. Simply find the social media icon content block and drag it into the newsletter.

Mailerlite social icons integration exmaple

Email marketing is evolving from a static to an interactive marketing channel, where social media blocks, videos, surveys and quizzes take over the inbox. These smart content blocks make embedding social posts into your email not a whole lot easier, but also more fun for your readers.

Adding social media email blocks can boost your content’s relevance and encourage engagement. Just drag and drop, add the social URL and watch how the post appears in your newsletter in a matter of seconds. 

Want to know more about how to make social media work together with email marketing? Our guide shares all the details!

We’d love to hear whether you’ve already used this feature. Comment below!

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