How email marketing and social media work together for good

Email marketing and social media are two of the most powerful marketing tools for growing your audience and building your brand.

On their own, they have strengths and weaknesses, but together they can help supercharge engagement and build your subscribers list.

They’re like the Batman and Robin of marketing. Email is older but still highly effective like Batman, while social media is younger and full of energy like Robin. Alone, Batman is an awesome superhero, but with Robin, they are the dynamic duo!

The point is that email marketing and social media are best when they work together to build your email list, grow your audience and increase the reach of your email content.

How to build your subscriber list using social media

There is one major difference between your email subscribers and your social media connections—you don’t own your social media audience.

You might have thousands of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook, but you don’t have their email addresses. You can wake up one morning to find that your Facebook was deleted. It's exactly what happened to MailerLite. 

Without email addresses, those people that you worked so hard to find will be gone forever.

You need to gain control of your social media audience by converting them into subscribers.

The good news is that your social media audience already likes you. Convincing them to subscribe to your email list should be easier than converting a total stranger. That said, you still need to show what’s in it for them.

Five ideas to build your email list with social media

1. Create specialty groups 

Private group on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are good ways to narrow down your audience by interest, and then offer them something of value for joining the group. When they join the group, they must opt-in with their email. This is a long-term approach that takes some time and dedication, but you will find like-minded people while building a subscriber list with a specific segment.

2. Add links to your social profile

Instead of adding your homepage to your profile, you can include a link to an incentive with a call-to-action that sends the person to an opt-in landing page. As always, make sure the offer is compelling and relevant to your audience. This works well on Instagram and Pinterest. For LinkedIn, you can create a rich media post within your profile to ask people to subscribe. 

3. Insert forms directly into Facebook 

Mailerlite’s Facebook integration allows you to place sign-up forms on your Facebook pages. Just including the form might yield a few sign-ups, but try running a promotion or adding an incentive to drive a lot of subscribers. These forms are nice because people don’t have to leave Facebook and interrupt their experience.

4. Post a promotion that links to a landing page

After you come up with a killer incentive to entice sign-ups, create a unique landing page and post it on all your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s basically like creating small ads to promote your campaign. It’s easy to build a custom landing page in MailerLite. The hard part is coming up with an offer that will get people excited.

5. Launch a paid ad campaign

If you have a budget and are serious about building your list, you can take the idea of posting an incentive and amplify it by paying for exposure. Social media is a very effective advertising platform. If you have the money to spend, it is worth a try. It might be smart to test your offers first with your existing audience, and then use the best performing incentive for the paid campaign.

Your social media audiences are connected to you for a reason—they want to engage with you. They are low-hanging fruit to become subscribers. But it just doesn’t happen by just slapping a signup form.

Figure out what they care about and give them a compelling reason to sign up. If you can figure out those two things, your social media channels will become an amazing source of new subscribers. And when you have social media followers that are also subscribers, your email content will start reaching a lot more people as they share it.

How to get people to share your email marketing content

Email marketing is personal. It allows you to talk directly to your subscribers. While this is extremely powerful, it is also limited to the number of people on your list. How can you get your content in front of more people?

Encourage them to share it on social media!

Every newsletter should always include social icons. If you are not doing this now, it is an important best practice that you need to start. Allowing your readers to instantly share your content on their social media of choice is an easy opportunity to increase your reach and perhaps pick up new subscribers.

That said, simply including the social icons is not enough to persuade your subscribers to share the newsletter. People are accustomed to seeing those social icons everywhere. The icons are not direct calls-to-action.

If you want people to share your email content, ask them to share it in your messaging. People sometimes need a friendly reminder and a compelling reason to take action.

Create content that people want to share 

If you want people to share a newsletter or a piece of email content, you need to make it worthy of sharing.

Merely asking your readers to share something will never work if the content is not valuable. They are putting their reputation on the line by sharing your content. What people share says a lot about who they are and what they think.

How do you create shareable content?

Compelling visuals

Include visual content like infographics and video. Video is the most shared form of content on social media. Of course, it has to be interesting.

Reinforce beliefs

Tap into shared beliefs of your subscribers. Create content that will reinforce your reader’s opinions, which will motivate them to pass it on.

Reward sharing

Our actions are driven by incentives. Offer rewards for sharing your content such as giveaways, sweepstakes or even something as simple as recognition.

Help others

Make your content extremely useful. Perhaps it is a ‘how-to’ e-book or information on a new tool that directly impacts your audience. People love helping others.

Stay positive

Keep the content fun and positive. People like to share content that arouses happy emotions or evokes curiosity.

Looks matter

Your content must look great. It must be easy to read and visually pleasing. People don’t share ugly content. MailerLite provides templates and tools to design beautiful newsletters.

Peer pressure

People share content that other people have validated. Try adding social icons with share counts so readers can see how many times the content has already been shared.

How to grow social media with email marketing

The beauty of social media is that it can sometimes feel like a party. Lots of like-minded people getting together to share their thoughts and have a discussion about common interests.

There are plenty of people on your subscriber list that would love to be part of one of these social events for your brand, but there is only one problem—they weren’t invited.

This is where email marketing can help increase your followers and keep everyone engaged over time. By developing dedicated campaigns that promote your social channels and invite your subscribers to participate, you can boost your social engagement.

Social media companies already use email marketing to keep their users engaged. Did you know that Facebook is one of the world’s largest email marketers? Update emails get their users back to Facebook. They know that more engagement equals more loyal users.

Take a page from their playbook and keep your subscribers connected to your brand’s social media by reminding them via email.

This is especially important for your inactive subscribers. It is possible that those people like your brand, but don’t like newsletters. Get them back by inviting them to your social media events.

Use your email list to supercharge Facebook advertising

Did you know that you can import your email list into Facebook?

Facebook's advertising platform has two unique ways to leverage your email list—Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

For Custom Audiences, you import your email list and Facebook automatically matches the people on your list to their Facebook profiles. This way, you can start engaging them on Facebook and remarketing to them.

For Lookalike Audiences, Facebook takes your email list, matches it with your subscribers’ profiles and then find people similar to your subscribers. Imagine sending a message asking people, who are just like your subscribers, to subscribe to your newsletter.

Your email list basically supercharges Facebook’s algorithms to target your ideal audience.

How email and social can seamlessly work together

The best approach to email and social media is to plan ahead and anticipate ways that you can use the two channels in unison to get the most out of each.

One way to create a holistic campaign is to plan an event, such as a webinar, on social media and then develop content around the event that you distribute through email.

You can also incorporate automation triggers that encourage subscriber engagement with social media.

Let’s say a subscriber ‘liked’ a blog post on your site. An automatic email could then be sent asking the subscriber to share the blog on Twitter or Linkedin.

When you blur the line between social media and email marketing, you can leverage the strengths of both channels to build a better experience for your subscribers.

The Dynamic duo: Email marketing and social media

Remember, email marketing and social media are like Batman and Robin. They are both fine crime fighters on their own, but together they are an unstoppable force that keeps Gotham City safe.

In the same way, your email marketing and social media efforts should work together to help grow your subscribers, attract a bigger audience, and increase exposure of your content.