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How to effectively grow your email list with Facebook

· 13 min read · Email marketing · October 30, 2020

So, you want to know how to go about growing your email list on Facebook? Or maybe you have doubts about whether Facebook is still effective?

Welcome. You landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll tell you why Facebook is still a great channel to reach new subscribers and show you the tactics needed to grow your email list. 

Afterward, you’ll be prepared and inspired to start working on your own strategy, knowing exactly how to set your business up for success. Let’s get rolling!

With TikTok dances and Snapchat filters taking over the internet, Facebook has gotten a somewhat nostalgic image. However, don’t let the new kids on the block mesmerize you too much. With 2.6 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion people visiting the social media platform daily (Facebook, 2020), Facebook is still a goldmine for your marketing efforts (even 16 years later).

According to Statista (2019), 65% of Facebook users are young adults under the age of 35 (millennials and Gen Z). If that’s your target group, you’ll want to incorporate Facebook into your digital marketing strategy. Both for building a community organically and promoting your business to potential customers using advertisements.

Though Facebook’s targeting capabilities are overwhelmingly impressive, almost every marketer struggles to maximize their visibility due to the ever-changing algorithm. 

Smart marketers, therefore, know that when their promotion is being presented to potential customers, it’s best to lock them in on the spot. Not through Facebook, but somewhere away from the algorithm where the chances of having someone’s undivided attention are a lot higher.

Which brings us to email marketing.

According to Statista, there were 3.9 billion email users in 2019. In 2024, this number is expected to increase to 4.48 billion users. Even as the oldest one of the bunch, this marketing channel still manages to surprise everyone. Even today, email marketing should undoubtedly be part of your marketing strategy.

As a business owner, you’ll want to combine email marketing with Facebook marketing. In fact, you want to make email marketing and social media work together for good.

The idea is to leverage Facebook to find new leads and then use email to establish relationships and turn leads into long-term customers. With email marketing, the chances of your message being seen are significantly higher. Plus, your efforts are easy to measure and optimize by analyzing your reports.

Before we get into Facebook email list growth practices, we first need to make sure you’re set up properly.

Step 1. Check whether your Facebook page needs a refresh

When was the last time you updated your Facebook business page? As the digital business card of your company, you have to make sure everything looks picture-perfect.

Quickly check whether your Facebook page elements could use a refresh.

  • Profile picture

  • Cover image

  • About section (are the opening times, phone number, etc. all up to date?)

  • Photo album

Tip: Do you have videos you’d like to feature? Use the spotlight section to highlight a panel of videos at the top of your page. Here’s how.

Red table talk video panel Facebook page example

Step 2. Add a signup form tab to your Facebook page

This is an easy step that’ll take only a few clicks to set up. Using the Facebook integration, you can embed a MailerLite signup form in a separate tab on your Facebook page.

Learn more:

Your signup form template can, for example, look like the one below from record label Soul Has No Tempo (not a MailerLite customer).

Soul has not tempo example Facebook email signup form minimalist black and white

Step 3. Create a signup landing page (with a lead magnet)

The signup form you created in the previous step is good to have, but not ideal for promotional purposes. The sharing URL can’t be changed and the design possibilities are very limited. 

Therefore, it’s better to create a separate landing page for people to sign up. Before you create one (with MailerLite’s landing page builder), think about:

  • The audience you’re targeting

  • What narrative would convince them to sign up

  • Is a lead magnet necessary to convince them?

  • Additional information to put on your page

With your ideal target audience in mind, you can create a strategy and write better targeted copy.

Tip: Bookmark our article on how to advertise your MailerLite landing page on Facebook for future reference. 

One way to motivate people is through lead generation. This strategy entails offering things like a lead magnet, also called freebie. It’s like a small present that people receive as a thank you for signing up. It could be anything from a checklist, a downloadable guide or access to a recording or course. If you’re not sure what your freebie can be, check what others in your sector are doing or simply ask your existing audience what they need from you.

To learn how to set up a lead magnet in MailerLite, please use these resources:

Step 4. Link the call to action button to your form

As a last step, don’t forget to link the call to action (CTA) button to your signup form URL. This button will appear directly underneath your cover picture on the bottom-right corner.

Now let’s talk about the thing that you came here for: Email list building with Facebook.

There are paid and organic strategies to grow your Facebook email list, and we’ll cover tactics for both of them.

Groups and online communities

When you find a group filled with people that match your ideal audience, this can be a great place to promote your newsletter or offer. Depending on how targeted the group is, you might just see all your potential customers gathered in one place. But, don’t get too excited. This approach needs effort and patience. You can’t barge into a group and shamelessly promote your landing page. 

To find Facebook groups, enter fitting keywords in the search bar. Then check for the number of members and activity rate (how many posts are published per day). It’s also worthwhile to check comments, both for engagement and to get a feel for the group’s vibe.

Make sure to engage with people and build meaningful connections, and then promote (only when it’s relevant for the discussion). When in doubt, state this in your message (“I’m not sure if this is allowed, so please feel free to remove this message”) or contact the admin beforehand for approval.

Women of email example promotion in facebook group


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it still works—as long as the prize is enticing enough for people. If you’re using a Facebook giveaway to collect email addresses, make sure that people have to sign up (and not, let’s say, only share or like the message to win).

Samsung galaxy giveaway on Facebook post

Tip: Pin the announcement and update your cover photo to promote the contest for as long as it’s running.

Learn more in this article:

Online events

Facebook is a great tool for people to find events in their surroundings, and for you to promote your event and get in those search results. If you create an event on Facebook, make sure to require a signup via URL, not merely a Facebook RSVP. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on email signups.

Additionally, you can promote the event in a Facebook post and add the link in the description. Keep the link short and sweet.

Tip: To stress urgency, implement a countdown timer on your event landing page.

Below, you’ll see an example of Alicia Keys promoting her event on her Facebook page (note the “Tag a friend” engagement booster). After the event, the landing page template changed into a signup page where people can register to rewatch the session.

Alicia Keys online event promotion via Facebook

Newsletter previews

You gotta try it before you buy it. Oh wait, that only counts for paid newsletter subscriptions

Anyway, to convince people that your newsletter is worth it, show them a preview. Give visitors an insight into what’s in store for them by posting a newsletter web URL or redirecting them to a landing page. 

You can also use this Facebook strategy as a teaser for upcoming newsletters. Below you can see how Laudes Foundation does this with a video teaser. See the original post here.

Laudes Foundation example of upcoming newsletter teaser facebook post

Tip: If you use MailerLite, you can use the newsletter archive content block to show your most recent email marketing campaigns or your hand-picked favorite editions.


This strategy isn’t necessarily Facebook-only—it works well in general. By partnering with a brand that has a different or bigger audience than yourself, you can successfully gather new leads. Partnerships can be anything from a mention in a post to a joint webinar, event or giveaway.

the daily show facebook promotional post

Paid Facebook advertising

Digital marketers love Facebook because of the advanced ad targeting possibilities in the Facebook ads manager. You can target custom audiences with people that like certain brands, live in a specific town, belong to a demographic or have the exact job you’re interested in. A lookalike audience helps you to easily find people that might be the right fit for your brand. 

It’s nearly impossible to not find potential customers in Facebook’s database. Facebook’s business manager helps you find exactly the right target audience.

Before you start creating audiences and experimenting with paid ads, try tweaking and optimizing your organic Facebook posts. You can even A/B test different versions to see what works best. Once you see that an organic post is performing well, you can promote it via Facebook ads. This is the safest way to start with paid ads.

Tip: To learn how to use video ads to grow your list of emails, head over to this blog article.

She Codes example paid advertisement on facebook

To learn more about paid advertising for landing pages for Facebook and other channels, read our guide below. It dives deeper into how to create audiences, what’s the right way to do audience targeting and shares best practices to create ads.

Or check our help article: How to advertise a MailerLite landing page on Facebook, which tells you how to create ad sets, fill in the audience targeting settings and more steps to get your landing page lead ads up and running.

There are many strategies you can use to grow your small business and increase your reach with Facebook. The social media channel is great for discovering and reaching new customers, whether that’s organically or via paid advertising. 

By redirecting these potential customers to your email contact list and asking them to sign up, you can start building real relationships—without needing to worry if Facebook’s algorithm will deliver your content or not.

For more tips on growing your email customer list in general, check out our ultimate guide.

What’s your go-to tactic to grow your list using Facebook? We’d love to know in the comments below.

Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer
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