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Facebook Audiences

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Only available on Advanced plans

Integration support

This integration is for the new MailerLite version only.

If you aren't sure which version of MailerLite you're using, click here to find out!

Facebook Custom Audiences are well-defined groups of people who already have an established relationship with your business. For example, existing customers and people who have previously visited your website or clicked your ads.

By syncing your subscriber segments with Facebook Custom Audiences, you can:

  • Show ads to specific segments (e.g. fresh leads, subscribers who finished an automation, etc.)

  • Exclude certain subscribers from campaign targeting

  • Create Lookalike Audiences to build targeted campaigns for potential customers that “look like” your existing customers


To connect your MailerLite account with Facebook Audiences:

1. Navigate to the Integrations page.

2. Find Facebook Audiences and click Use.

3. Click Connect and log in with Facebook.

4. A window will appear informing you about what MailerLite will be allowed to do. Leave these options selected and click Done followed by OK.

Once your MailerLite account is connected to Facebook Audiences, you can select segments that will automatically sync with Facebook Custom Audiences. Learn how step-by-step in this handy article from our help centre.