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Drag and drop email builder overview

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Meet our Drag & drop editor. It lets you quickly design, build and edit beautiful newsletters.

Click Create campaign in your dashboard, give the campaign a name and choose the Drag & drop editor in the next step.

On the left side you see all available blocks. The way you see the image is how it’ll look in your newsletter. The order of the blocks is the same order as the categories in the dropdown menu.

The first category is Header. Here you’ll find content blocks with logos, titles, navigation and social links.

In the category Content, you’ll see text building blocks (with or without pictures).

In the RSS category, you can have MailerLite automatically fetch information from your RSS feed. If you have this setup, you can automatically send an email with all your new blog articles.

In Features, you highlight different features of any service, product or anything you want.

The next category is Gallery, which contains different image galleries.

The Buttons category has blocks of several CTA buttons.

For E-commerce or E-commerce integration category, you’ll find product building blocks. You can watch a full video on how to use e-commerce integrations here.

In the Special category you’ll find blocks for dividers, spaces, events, countdowns, signatures and HTML code.

Under Social and sharing, you’ll see all the blocks to integrate your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts directly in your newsletter.

The Survey and quiz category contains one block that makes it really easy for you to add surveys to your email. Watch this video to learn how to do this.

Finally, there’s the Footer category. This one contains blocks for different type of footers. The social media buttons will show up once you start adding your social media links on the right.

You can easily reorder, duplicate and delete blocks. Another cool option is to hide blocks for either everyone, a specific group or customized recipients. This gives you much better personalization options. You can learn how to do this in this article.

You’re not only able to click on blocks, but also on elements within the blocks. This will open the menu on the right, that contains two tabs: Content and Settings. Here’s where you customize the look of the elements (think color, alignment, borders, shape, size, etc).

Furthermore, you can style the template when you have no block selected. Pick your favorite block type (list, card or full-width), change the background color, content style and button and footer settings. You can edit the entire template and individual block styles (by clicking on individual blocks).

On the top in the black-colored menu, you can discard or save all your changes using the arrow icon. If you don’t want to do anything, just click anywhere outside of the pop-up. You can also see the history and reverse certain changes. Next, you’ll see Actions, which lets you save the template and remove all the content blocks at once. Lastly, you’ll have the Preview and test button, where you can copy the preview URL, check your desktop and mobile view and send a test email.

To learn more, check out this article on how to use the drag & drop editor.

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