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Email personalization

Personalize each campaign

Make every subscriber feel special by sending personalized emails. Add their name to different parts of your email or show you care by inserting personal touches such as their birthday, hometown or favorite color.

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Ways to personalize using custom fields

Custom fields within MailerLite allow you to create any type of personalization you wish. Add as many fields as you want based on the information you have. The more fields you add, the more personal you can get with your emails.

By personalizing email text

Add personal touches within the text of your email. You can add details like a subscriber’s company name or their hometown, making the email feel like it was meant just for them.

By automating personal emails

MailerLite allows you to create and automate various types of personal emails like birthday greetings, date-based campaigns and re-engagement emails based on your subscribers’ behaviors.

By preheader text

Stand out in the crowded inbox by personalizing your email preheader. Descriptive preheader text is a great way to get noticed and boost opens.

By subject line

Improve open rates by adding a name or personal fact to the subject line. When a subscriber sees their name or favorite sports team, they are more likely to open your email.

Additional personalization features

Personalization doesn't end with custom fields. You can add more personal touches by using our dynamic content blocks, your real name and return address, scheduled sending times and segmentation.

Dynamic content blocks

Display certain content blocks exclusively to a targeted audience. Send an email to your subscribers, but personalize a section for only a few to see. Choose who can see the block based on your custom criteria.

Subscriber segmentation

You can create unique segments to help you to get more personal in your messaging. When you mention specific facts that are relevant to subscribers within a segment, you create a stronger, more personal bond.

Personalize sender address

Show subscribers that you’re a real person by adding your real name and email address as the sender.

AI-powered Smart sending

Use Smart sending to deliver emails when subscribers are most likely to engage. This tool analyzes and adapts to subscriber behavior to give every reader gets a custom-fit send time.

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