Mail Designer 365 integration with MailerLite

Developer: Mail Designer 365
Price: 7 day free trial is available, after that pricing starts from $15 per month. More details can be found here
Integration support: Get in contact with Mail Designer 365

Using this integration easily export created newsletter designs using Mail Designer 365 to your MailerLite application.

How it works
  1. Build your HTML email design in Mail Designer 365 and select “Share” > “Website / HTML…
  2. Enter the image URL prefix for the online server where you will be hosting your images. You will need this later on so that your images can be located and displayed accurately in your design.
  3. Following export, select the images in the folder and upload them to the server from the previous step.
  4. Create a .zip file of the folder your design elements were saved to on export. Do this by right clicking and selecting “Compress.”
  5. Sign in to your MailerLite account and go to “Campaigns” > “Create Campaign.”
  6. Fill in your campaign details.
  7. Click “Content” and select “Your own HTML.” Then, choose “Import from zip.”
  8. Upload the .zip file you created earlier.
  9. Now preview your design to check for any mistakes.
  10. You can now use your Mail Designer 365 HTML design with the automation tools provided in the MailerLite platform.