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Ignas2 min readTips and resourcesMay 15, 2013

Using your own HTML design

Using your own HTML design

We’ve just launched our Custom HTML feature! Now you can simply upload your own newsletter design and send it with MailerLite.

Our drag and drop design and content editor makes creating beautiful and powerful newsletters extremely easy for our customers. However, recently we’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests from those who’d prefer to use their own bespoke existing templates.

And why not?

Following the application of a little Mailerlite magic it’s now possible to choose either to use our editor for your newsletter design or upload your own custom HTML!

How it works?

1. When you start creating a newsletter choose: “Upload your own HTML”

2. Then choose your preferred upload method:

  • From the web – Enter the URL of your newsletter for an automatic import.
  • From My Computer – Upload the zip file of your HTML template and image files directly.
  • Copy and Paste – Copy and paste your HTML code into Mailerlite.

3. Success! Your newsletter’s custom design was imported.

Once you’ve imported your custom HTML code we’ll instantly move all your CSS inline providing optimum results in email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.

Ooh. Don’t forget to add your unsubscribe link! You’ll need to add tags and around the words you want to become your link. Alternatively, you can let MailerLite take care of that.