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Terms of Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations at MailerLite

MailerLite promotes an initiative under which it invites non-profit organizations to complimentary use of the MailerLite platform under the terms and conditions stipulated in these terms (“Terms”).  

1. Eligibility:

1.1. The non-profit organization ("Organization") must be officially registered and recognized as a non-profit entity by the relevant governmental authority. Proof of non-profit status may be required.

1.2. The initiative is applied only to the new MailerLite platform. If the Organization is currently using MailerLite’s Classic application, the Organization will need to migrate to the new MailerLite.

1.3. The Organization’s account must be in compliance with MailerLite’s Terms of Use and other legal policies.

2. Initiative procedure:

2.1. To be eligible to participate in this initiative, the Organization should complete a contact form requesting to be a Free Sponsor. Free Sponsor title adds the Organization to the list from which MailerLite’s team members can choose an Organization to sponsor. Only if MailerLite’s team member has chosen to sponsor the Organization, the Organization has an opportunity to complementary use the MailerLite services. If the Organization is not chosen, the Organization is still eligible for a 30% discount on MailerLite's services. The 30% discount can not be stacked up with any other discounts. 

2.2. If the Organization is chosen by a member of MailerLite’s team, MailerLite will contact the Organization with the email address under which their account is registered. The Organization should expect to be contacted within a 30-day period from the day on which the request was submitted. If the Organization is not contacted in a 30-day period, it means that the Organization was not chosen by a member of MailerLite’s team.

2.3. If an Organization pays for MailerLite’s services at a 30% discount and later gets selected by a member of the MailerLite team to receive complimentary services, the complimentary service will begin after the paid period that the Organization originally purchased has ended.

3. Branding requirement: In order to retain the offered discount, the Organization will need to incorporate the automatically applied MailerLite logo into its email templates.

4. Advertisement consent: MailerLite reserves the authority to showcase a testimonial or case study in its marketing materials, with the intention of involving the Organization in our communication campaigns. This could entail collaboration with the Organization to facilitate an interview for the purpose of creating such a case study. By participating in the initiative, the Organization gives its consent for such a showcase and for any of the materials obtained from the Organization to be used by MailerLite for marketing purposes in any way MailerLite finds fit. 

5. Free Usage Period: The Organization is granted free access to the MailerLite Premium subscription for a period of two years. The 2-year period starts on the day when the contact form mentioned in Clause 1.1. of these Terms is approved by the MailerLite team and the account is converted to a non-profit account. This process might take 3-5 business days.  

6. Scope of Use: MailerLite account provided to the Organization may only be used for purposes directly related to the Organization's non-profit activities. Any usage beyond the scope of the Organization's charitable or educational objectives is prohibited.

7. Support and Maintenance: MailerLite‘s customer support and maintenance services are provided to assist with technical issues and inquiries related to the Organization’s account. However, the extent and level of support may vary and are subject to change at MailerLite’s discretion.

8. Termination of Services: MailerLite reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Organization's access to MailerLite platform at any time for violation of MailerLite’s Terms of Use, other legal terms, or any other reason deemed necessary by MailerLite, including non-cooperation with Clause 1, 2, 3, 4 and/or 6 of these Terms.

9. Changes to Terms: MailerLite may modify these Terms at its discretion. The Organization will be notified of any changes, and continued usage of the MailerLite’s platform constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms.

10. Data Ownership: The Organization retains ownership of its data and content uploaded to MailerLite platform. 

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland in case the Organization is based in the EEA, the UK or Switzerland or the state of Delaware if the Organization is based in any other country. Any disputes arising under these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the previously mentioned jurisdictions.