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Jonas6 min readNew features and updatesNovember 15, 2018

ALL of our newest product updates explained here

ALL of our newest product updates explained here

We’ve been busier than Santa’s elves these past few months building and updating features that will help you create better email marketing campaigns.

For starters, we want to announce our brand new updates: reCAPTCHA for forms and landing pages, secure links in newsletters and new mobile functionality for your pop-ups.

We’ll dive deeper into these three new features in this article, but we also wanted to make sure that you are aware of ALL the recent upgrades because there have been a bunch.

To make your life easier, we’ve included descriptions and links to our most important product updates including:

  1. New Design Editor with pre-built blocks
  2. Dynamic Content and Social Media Blocks including Facebook and Twitter 
  3. Added Layers of Security with Two-Factor Authentication, reCAPTCHA, and secure newsletter links
  4. New Pop-up Capabilities to optimize mobile versus desktop versions
  5. New File Manager with Google Drive, Giphy, and Unsplash

Our goal is to continuously improve MailerLite with the tools that help you the most. We encourage you to test out everything to see what works for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the product updates!

1. New Drag & Drop Design Editor

Our new editor has been live for a few weeks, and the feedback has been very positive. The editor was completely reimagined to help non-designers improve their newsletters.

New Drag & Drop Design Editor

It’s got a completely revamped user interface, but don’t let that scare you. It’s incredibly intuitive and fun to use. We prepared a guide to help you learn more about the functionality and benefits of the new editor.


2. Dynamic Content and Social Media Blocks

Our new email blocks help you take reader engagement to the next-next level with targeted content and social media posts embedded in your newsletters.

The Dynamic content blocks allow you to target certain sections of your email to a specific target audience. 

Social media blocks enable you to insert posts directly into your newsletters. We launched social media blocks for Facebook posts, Facebook events and Twitter.

Social Media Posts Block

Better content targeting and a seamless experience between social and email marketing will improve reader engagement. We wrote two separate articles that explain how you can start using these blocks today.


3. New Security Options: reCAPTCHA, secure links, and 2FA

Security is always at the top of our minds when creating features for your email campaigns. Our newest updates add an extra layer of security for your landing pages and forms with the implementation of reCAPTCHA.

If you are not familiar with reCAPTCHA, it's the small checkbox at the end of a sign-up form that usually states, “I am not a robot.”


The primary purpose of reCAPTCHA is to protect websites from spam and abuse by making it hard for bots to sign up on your form. You can turn this option on or off for your landing pages and embeddable forms.

How to implement reCAPTCHA in MailerLite

You can go to an existing landing page or embeddable form, or create a new one.

If it’s a landing page, click on the Subscribe Form block and choose the Settings tab in the right sidebar.

Under the Sign-up Form settings, mark the reCAPTCHA checkbox. That’s it! Your landing page is now protected from non-human tampering.

Landing Page reCAPTCHA example

If you’re editing an embeddable form, click on the Settings tab on the right sidebar. You’ll see the same reCAPTCHA setting.

Embeddable form reCAPTCHA example

We recommend that you embed the form again after you've enabled the reCAPTCHA setting.

If you don’t see the setting, it’s possible that you have an old version of the landing page/subscribe form. In that case, you would need to create a new landing page or form.

Two more security upgrades: Secure Links and Two-factor Authentication

We want to remind you of two other security upgrades that you should start using today.

  1. Your newsletter now supports secure (https://tracking links. As HTTPS becomes the standard, MailerLite has you covered.
  2. We also implemented two-factor authentication (2FA), which keeps your account safe in the case of a compromised password. If you have not already turned on 2FA, we recommend that you do.

HOW TO TURN On 2FA: What is two-factor authentication and why we launched it

4. New Pop-ups Options for Desktop and Mobile

In our Complete Guide to Pop-ups, we reiterate the importance of being mobile-friendly. Mobile usage has surpassed desktop, yet so many pop-ups originally designed for the desktop look horrible on mobile.

Our new pop-up setting allows you to select different popups for mobile devices and desktop devices. In some cases when you have a good looking pop-up for desktop, it’s too big for mobile users. In these cases, you can design a second pop-up for mobile users only.

Now you can hide (or show) your pop-ups on desktop only, mobile only or tablet devices.

Pop-ups Options for Desktop and Mobile

How to activate the new pop-up settings in MailerLite

It’s quite simple to use. Create two pop-ups: one for mobile and one for the desktop.

For the mobile pop-up, select the setting to Hide on Desktop. For the desktop pop-up, choose the settings to Hide on Mobile and Hide on Tablet.

5. File Manager Revamped to Include Google Drive, Giphy and Unsplash

We launched our new File Manager this past summer. The upgrade allows you to access, search and import :

  1. Files directly from your Google Drive
  2. GIFs directly from Giphy
  3. High-quality photographs directly from Unsplash

file manager

More features are on their way in 2019!

We hope you test drive all of these new product upgrades and see improved results in your day-to-day email marketing operations and campaigns.

While we are happy with these latest upgrades, we have big plans for 2019.

As we continue to develop new features, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions. Leave your Christmas feature wishlist and other comments below. 

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