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Email marketing trends for 2015

Email marketing trends for 2015

I spent last weekend in Rome. It was my second time there. So I skipped the top 10 attractions and visited a bit less known places.

Like, gallery of Doria Pamphilj. It is an intimate art gallery inside a beautiful palazzo right in the middle of Rome. I was moved by Caravaggio’s, Bernini’s and Bruegel’s works.

But the biggest difference between this and other museums in Rome or elsewhere is their audio guide.

It is narrated by the prince himself, Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj shares history of the palace as well as his childhood memories – such as getting in trouble for scratching the terracotta floor in the Velvet room while roller skating with his sister.

Next to it he talks about the artworks and stories behind them.

For instance, when Pope Innocent X saw his portrait made by Velazquez, he exclaimed, somewhat disconcerted: “Troppo vero!” (“all too true!”). The portrait shows not only the power of the pope, but also his inner ugliness that he was notorious about and made him many enemies.

I talk about the audio guide because it is an impressive way to scale personal attention.

Scaling personal attention will be huge in 2015. (Tweet this)

Since 1998 we discover a phenomenon in web usability called banner blindness.

Users almost never look at anything that looks like an advertisement, whether or not it’s actually an ad. Our brains are remarkably good at dismissing all sorts of constants in our everyday lives. We see way too many ads & pitches to react to them. Therefore, we unconsciously ignore them.

2015 will be a time to get back to basics. To be human again. To show the customers that you actually care. That means dedicating more resources to things that are harder to track, like answering customer questions and providing more value online.

Free valuable content

Our resolution for 2015 is to create a learning centre or knowledge base that includes all the valuable content about email marketing in one place.

Successful examples by Wistia, Moz and HelpScout showed that it helps to establish authority and gain trust with the community, plus it’s great SEO boost for the website.

Search behaviour has fundamentally changed in the last year. In 2013 SEO was all about ranking your page in TOP 10 in Google. The first result on Google got 35% of total traffic. In 2014 the curve has smoothened. People tend to read lower results and even go to page #2 or #3. It’s even more obvious with mobile screens. That’s good news for everyone that writes great content.

Customer support

We do believe that great customer support is the best advertisement you can get.

Inspired by Basecamp, we started an experiment. Everyone at MailerLite works at customer support at least once a month. You may get emails from our co-founders, feedback from our designers and tips from developers.

This way everyone feels the pulse of the bushes and get to know the issues that customers have.

Human speaking

Try to show your personality on website, in social media and email. Videos, pictures, humour and and smiles connect people more than any promotion code.

In 2014 even Marc Zuckerberg started showing his personal sweet side:

Maybe you think it’s a bad example because you are not as famous as Mark.

My friend DJ Waldow makes weekly Whazzup Dates where instead of writing a blog post, he records a short video. It’s not viral and doesn’t make him a video star, but it is so personal. Although I’ve never met DJ, I know more about him and his life than about my most Facebook friends. And it’s all thanks to the videos:

Finally, how do you measure if the approach works? Usually, people just say it:

I love your emails and especially this bit on being personal. It has always been what customers liked about us but now I know what to do for our next newsletter campaign. Great job, thanks for the good work!
Torben Kamke


Your email communication—even your offline marketing efforts—need to be more about connecting, educating and engaging with your supporters and less about the pitch.

Plan your marketing strategy for 2015 with the goal of creating deeper relationships and stronger connections with your customers, and you’ll be more likely to see a boost to your bottom line.

Question of the Day: Do you agree that there is no B2B or B2C: it’s human to human now? How do you scale your attention to customers? Please share that in the comments!