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MailerLite integrates with MailMunch

MailerLite integrates with MailMunch

So we have a new addition to our integrations list – MailMunch! It is a service that helps you capture leads from your website.

But wait, haven’t we also just announced that we offer popups that help capture leads? Of course! However, MailMunch presents more options like top bars, scroll boxes and embed forms. Pretty cool, huh?

mailmunch and mailerlite integration

It’s 100% free to get started on one of your sites. In addition, there’s no limit on the number of forms and subscribers. However, if you want more advanced features like analytics, A/B testing and more, you have to select paid plans.

Great themes

mailmunch themes mailerlite integration

Mailmunch also provides lots of beautiful themes. What we love about them the most is that they offer various options to modify backgrounds, colors and fonts. Have a beautiful theme in mind? Now you can design it yourself!

Grow your subscribers list with advanced features

mailmunch subscribers advanced features mailerlite integration
  • Create multiple type of opt-in forms so you don’t have to rely on one way of collecting leads. MailMunch includes popups, embedded forms, top bars, slide boxes and more.
  • Exit monitoring technology detects the exact moment when a visitors is about to leave. Immediately, a beautiful lightbox pops up asking the visitor to subscribe.
  • A/B test different designs, headlines and content. Get the right stats and take action.
  • Advanced display rules mean that your forms can be shown exactly where you want. You can create different forms for different posts or pages to build a hyper targeted list.
  • Smart timing provides the option to show the opt-in form exactly when a user would likely convert.
  • Floating bars stick to the top or bottom of the screen as a user scrolls through the page and asks them to subscribe.
  • Sliding box slides in when a user is about to finish reading your page and politely asks them to subscribe.

How to integrate MailMunch with MailerLite?

  1. Sign up or login to your MailMunch account.
  2. Create your subscription form.
  3. Once you are done with your form’s appearance, fields and behaviour, click on “Integrate” tab.
  4. Select “MailerLite” from the list and enter your API key – simple instructions are provided.
  5. Next, choose your active list. This is the group where your new subscribers will be added to.
  6. Finally, click “Publish Form”. Your form is ready! Paste the provided code where you want the form to appear.

If you have any questions regarding this integration, our Support team is always happy to help!