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Ignas2 min readNew Features & UpdatesApril 20, 2015

New block in the drag & drop editor and more

New block in the drag & drop editor and more

We’ve made some simple but important updates to our drag & drop email builder. Here they are:

1. Buttons in Image/Text block

This one has been requested many times. Finally we have it! Now these blocks with buttons will look great on mobile also. Buttons are optional in Image/Text block, so use them only when you need.

2. New Product block

We see many e-shops using MailerLite, so we decided to add a special block for displaying your products. It has Image, Title, Price and Button fields. You can show one, two or three products per row.

3. One link for the whole block

Before you had to enter a Link URL for Title, Image, Button separately, even if it was the same block. In fact, we checked our data and it showed that everyone was copying the same Link URL to all fields in the block. Or even worse – in some cases you forgot to enter a Link for some elements.

So it made sense to have only one Link URL for a block. We automatically put it on all elements like Title, Image and Button.