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About Bora Kurum | Bidigital

Bidigital is an honest, transparent and budget-friendly digital marketing agency of successful people and businesses.

We started our job since 2011 as freelancers who serve companies in different sectors and people who do own job. We've been done many successful projects and made happy clients. In 2018, our clients and their demands pushed our business to transform from the freelancers to a professional company and we founded the Bidigital.

Bidigital's teams have since grown into a diverse group of digital experts, each with a passion and expertise his or her own but all with a vision that puts our clients first by expertly crafting bolder, bigger and more memorable experiences.

Bidigital is providing high-quality services, also it is budget-friendly. As the former freelancers, we have a high passion for digital marketing. That's why we are still feeling like dynamic, open-minded, open to criticism, entrepreneurs, and addicts ourselves. But for sure as being more professional.