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About Divad Sanders

The Rebel Kulture is a leading brand design company. We help clients better communicate their message through custom graphics and a designed strategy to guide decision making during good times and bad.

Through a brand strategy process, we uncover inspiring and actionable messaging to bring your brand to life. Externally, we'll develop the visual aspects to attract your ideal customer (e.g., logo, website, marketing campaigns, social media, etc.).

Hey! You're still here?

Then ask yourself these 3 questions:

❓ Do you suffer from low engagement, inconsistent messaging, or lack of content across your social media?
❓ Do you have a quality product, but are unable to attract the right audience?
❓ Do you wish you could align your entire team to move as a cohesive unit?

Answer 'Yes!' to any of these? Then keep reading.

The basics of a business transaction are "I have a product/service that you need. I will deliver it to you for X amount of dollars." The issue with this approach is that people are not robots.

We require more empathy, trust, and connection before we make a purchase.

Branding is the consistent packaging of everything your business is. It allows you to nurture the relationship between clients, creating advocates who tell other people about your business.

Working with entrepreneurs and small businesses has made one thing clear… they are incredible at what they do (creating products and services), but generally terrible at expressing what makes their company unique aside from what they sell.

If that sounds like you... then let us help develop a brand around your business that you can be proud of, speaks to who you are, and defines your purpose to the people who should care. Your customers!

Interested in chatting? Let's connect!