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About Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth had many frustrations with “traditional” marketing methods as a small business owner. She developed Absolute Marketing™ to connect with potential small business clients while improving her time management and increasing productivity, all without breaking the bank. It was so successful she uses it with her clients, and they are thrilled with the positive outcomes.

Her new school of thought can help small business owners and professionals learn to utilize 5 marketing strategies to lessen the burden of time and expense while bonding with a targeted client base on a more profound level.

The pillars of the Absolute Marketing™ System are:

  • Creating A Connected Brand (Branding)
  • Putting Your 24-Hour Salesman To Work (Web Design / UX)
  • Algorithm Proof Social Media (Social Media)
  • Leveraging Automated Email Marketing (Email Marketing)
  • Breaking Down the Blogging Barrier (Blogging)

Elizabeth takes the time to create a one room school house environment where she connects with audience at all levels and shares actionable tasks that will transform their marketing. She shares with attendees how to harness the power of the foundational aspects of marketing and achieve the results they desire. Her presentations have lauded such praise as “While I find most speakers all shine and no substance, Elizabeth has all the substance and it shines.” said attendee Jen Becker, CEO, Telos Communications.

In addition, she helps clients achieve a unique, authentic brand that connects with their audience and customers on a practical and emotional level. Her unconventional approach has led to the success' of her many clients. With client focused ideas and business friendly costs, it makes the partnership successful for both her clients and their customers. With Absolute Marketing™ each pillar only takes one day to implement with Elizabeth’s easy to follow formulas. Many have praised her brainstorming sessions as “Gold Mines” for the non-marketer. Elizabeth is also devoted to facilitating a perspective shift to aid clients through Business Clarity Coaching. Their dreams, fears, strengths and achievements are brought out into the open to provide contextual clarity and a successful path forward.