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About Evgeniya Kovalevskaya

I'll be happy to create beautiful e-mails for you as a person or a business. With a clear e-mail Marketing Strategy and powerful tools from MailerLite we'll win new customers and bring back those who left you for some reason.

How I work
For each case I make research and start new project from business analysis. Is Marketing difficult and expensive? It is not when it is clear and makes sense. Marketing is about Analytics and deep understanding of clients' needs and their customers' wants.

As soon as I learned enough I build Marketing Strategy based on understanding of business and their customers. I rely on real opportunities and marketing budget. So the strategy is always real and affordable when it comes to Implementation.

My work is not about e-mail or landing page building, but it comes to effective use of tools for communication with your target audience. Within a years I proved that e-mail campaigns with landings based on the firm strategy work better than trendy Instagram when it comes to sales and Customer Lifetime Value at the first place.

As a MailerLite expert I can help you:

* Launch your e-mail Marketing with Mailerlite
* Design beautiful templates for e-mail campaigns
* Make segmentation of your client base and split your e-mail list into several groups of subscribers
* Create, send and analyse campaigns campaigns
* Run automation workflows
* Create and create customize your Embedded Forms
* Create landing pages