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About Heather Thatcher

I was ICU RN and I noticed that the majority of the reasons that people ended up in the intensive care unit were because of illnesses caused by stress. I knew if I wanted to have an impact on people's health that I had to get out of the reactive side of medicine and teach proactive measures to minimize, prevent or reverse the negative health effects of stress. After growing a successful wellness brand around stress management, I've branched out into corporate training and now into the entrepreneur coaching space because I know that being an entrepreneur can be very stressful. This is where having a streamlined system with simple, repeatable processes will make everything possible for you. It's my mission to help people lower their stress, feel in control, and confidently go after anything they want. You know what you need to do to grow your successful business. I'll show you how to put all the pieces together so you can show up EVERYWHERE online without burning out.